Sunday, February 1, 2009

Global Gloom - I have the antidote

That’s my antidote to the global doom and gloom – give it the finger. If I could, I would, but my paw won’t let me, so mum’s done it for me – my reaction is to give it a raspberry instead.

There really is a pervasive gloom spreading around the globe and I’m heartily sick of it. I think we should all make a concerted effort to try and change it. It has impregnated even the most optimistic of folk. I was on my walk with mum yesterday and we met up with Claude the fat yellow lab (mum took a photo but it’s crap – all fuzzy – she says she’ll try harder next time). Claude has issues and is rather unconventional as regards his views on housetraining, hence his many mums and dads in the past, BUT he has always been upbeat. Yesterday, however, he was morose and maudlin.

“I’m so depressed,” he said, “it must be the Credit Munch.”
Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather. I stood and looked at him open mouthed.
“What the bloody hell has the Credit Munch got to do with you?” I asked.
He looked a bit taken aback.
“The Credit Munch is affecting everyone, Henry. It says so – on TV, in the papers, folk are talking about it all the time.”
“Ok then, tell me EXACTLY how it’s affecting you.”
“It’s making me depressed.”
His eyes glazed over a tad as his brain started to whirr, rather weakly, pondering the question.
“Because it is,” he said eventually
“Be more specific. Have they stopped feeding you as much?”
“Have they changed your food?”
“Have you had your toys taken away from you?”
“Have they stopped petting you?”
“Have they changed your bed, or your sleeping arrangements?”
“So, birdbrain, why is your life any different to what it was when I first arrived in 2006?”
“It isn’t.”
I shouted, feeling all angry.
“Because……” he trailed off, gave a Gallic shrug and said “Phuh!”

That’s when I realised that emotions really can be infectious. Mum was reading about something similar in the New Scientist recently – that mag she gets to make folk think she’s clever – How friends affect your mood

Now there are people who have been seriously affected by the Credit Munch, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way out either. It doesn’t mean there isn’t any hope. There’s been a Credit Munch before, there’ll be one again.

Mum and Uncle Hugh are more upbeat. They’ve decided to approach their problems in a really positive way – by viewing them as an exciting challenge as opposed to an impossible task. Mum says nothing is impossible, it sometimes just feels as if it is. As Uncle Hugh said two days ago “Whilst ever I’ve got a brain that’s still functioning I’ll find another way to earn a living.”

So I’m going to start a wave of optimism right here by listing things that are still good:

I’m still breathing.
My heart’s still beating.
I’m still seeing.
I’m still smelling.
I’m still walking.
I’ve got folk who love me.
I’ve got my toys.
I’ve got my bed.
I’ve got my food.
I’ve got my friends.

I can still enjoy the simple pleasures

Life is good – when you consider the alternative.

As mum always says to Uncle Hugh “Whilst ever I can pick up a bottle of fizz for less than a fiver, I’ll be happy.” And she still can at the mo. (Mum's easily pleased).

Credit Munch – bollocks to you! I will not succumb.

Can we get out of this gloom? YES WE CAN! Let's start right now.


Braja said...

It's a feast of images of you, Henry: that's something that the Credit Munch hasn't changed. I love that one up top, today....

Minnie-Moo (Rescue Lab) said...

Henry, we are with you on this. The media do not help at all with all their coverage of doom and gloom.

Here's to the power of positive thought :)

M-M and Muzzle

Blu said...

I do agree Henry......but today I am sad and I cannot change that. If you visit my blog you will see why. Lots of love and keep spreading the message. xx

Robert said...

I don't know what a credit munch is. I don't even know what credit is, but I know about munch. I get lots of that...but never quite enough. What's THAT all about? I HAVE heard other dogs around here say that they're getting cheaper munchies nowadays cos their owners don't have so much money. My carers say "Don't worry, Blaze, no matter wgat happens, we'll never starve!"

So that's ok then.

Blaze (with assistance from Robert)

French Fancy said...

The sun is out today and I hope that will make people a little less gloomy. It's ok for us expats really, although I know the weak pound has affected us all. Imagine being someone in a sector that is downsizing, talk about the worries they must be having.

I think mum's attitude is the right one really - to see it all as a challenge and a possible new adventure.

Great photos - I'm so glad you can be captured in al your canine glory now.

(off to investigate Blu)

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Good on you, Henry - That's the boy!

And you can still enjoy those outdoors, last thing at night wees, with Uncle Hugh?

The world's media wants us to be gloomy, and a little bit of positive thinking will go a long, long way - Love you your positive-thinking Mum and her finger!

LadyFi said...

Oh - you lovely hirsute raspberry blower! I agree with you... I DO sympathize with people who are really suffering from the credit munch - it must be terrible. As you say, though, state of mind is important as it decides whether you see your glass (as in your mum's case) or your bowl (in your case) as half full or half empty.

Doom and gloom has its own momentum and can easily drag us all down into a negative spiral. WE need dogs like you and people like your mum and Hugh to help us tip the balance towards something more favourable.

So - good on you!

Stubby said...

Mom always says "Everyday above ground is a good day" and I really agree with her. Credit Munches come and go, and this one will be no different. Mom agrees with Uncle Hugh that when the going gets tough, we will all find another way to earn a living.

Mom has been threatening to get me a job for years, but like I remind her everyday, I already have a job - I just don't make any money doing it. I could get a real job, but then who would protect the house when Mom and Dad are gone?

I love your list of things you are still good at. My list would be the same, but I would add the following:

I can still walk and sometimes run.
I still have all my limbs.
I can still hear.
I can still make tears go away (I am really good at this).
I can still bark at the bad guys.
I still have poo to sniff at in my front yard - hallelujah!

Csquaredplus3 said...

I'm thinking you, your mum and Uncle Hugh should take this "rah-rah" on the road. My spirits are lifted and I didn't even believe they needed to be!

The world has not stopped revolving! Life is good!

PS: It still makes me giggle that your mum reads the "New Scientist". And I do believe that friends affect our mood. I also believe that your mum is very clever and doesn't need the mag to prove it. ;)

Dumdad said...

Atta boy Henry! Ya boo sucks to the Credit Munch and to the doomsters and gloomsters!

Juliet Colors said...

Henry, you and your people have a great attitude! It sounds deceptively simple, but positive thinking and action-oriented thinking really do make a difference. I must admit to having trouble implementing this knowledge sometimes, but I do try.

P.S. Those are really cute pics of you, as usual. :-*

P.P.S. Tell your mum I've always liked reading New Scientist too. :-)

Irish Gumbo said...

O Henry!*

Thank you so much for this! I've been trying to wrap the Gumbo brain around this for a while, now, quite frankly I have been "in the weeds" with it. Doesn't help being in the middle of winter. But, your list left me absolutely gobsmacked!

What a wonderful summary! Really helped me put things in perspective. *sniff* Beautiful, my friend, absolutely beautiful! *sniff* Slainte!

*That's a literary joke. Ha! Too clever for my own good sometimes!

Self-Proclaimed Editor said...

Hurray for you, Henry -- even something as gloomy as this economy can bring a smile to my face, especially when you are the one talking about it. And, by the way, there are lots of smiles around here today because the snow is melting in the 45 degree weather and I don't have to put "my junk" in the snow to do my business!

As long as there's a rabbit to chase, I am chase-happy.
As long as there's food in my bowl, I'll be way-happy.
As long as there's little people to lick, I'll be slap-happy.
As long as there's my lady and landlord to love me, I'll be sap-happy (sorry for the awful poem -- but then again, I am a dog). :)KC

Frankie Furter said...

Henry, I do not know for the life of me why it is that HUMANS run this world. We are ever so much smarter than they. I have listend to my mom and dad talk about how things USED to be. (They know a lot about that because they are rather "elderly") They always come back to, "we've been through this before, and it will come back again." They both say, "everything old, is new again, eventually." I wish the people on TV would take that attitude. Things get grrrreat, then they go to bear poo. From bear poo, things get grrrreat again.
My mom and dad say, "we have had tight belts before, we can have them again."
I do hope that they don't decide to make my collar tight though. he he he
I still hope that Pres. Obama will call me about being his Secretary of Animal Care and Protection. If I could just get my paw in the door, I would be able to set them straight about a whole bunch of important stuff. Would you like to be my "ass"istant secretary???? I think we could set the world aright once more.

detroit dog said...

Henry, you are a genius!

I've decided to "go commercial," and have started an Etsy store, making online shop and blog banners, graphics, designing business cards, labels and such. It's not much, but this month I made enough to pay for dog food and treats! (Over here, we have the highest unemployment rate in the country; thank goodness my hubby has a great paying job.)

Check it out and spread the word (thank you):

It keeps me a little more upbeat and "engaged."

herhimnbryn said...

Yay for Henry!
As long as I still get a lambshank once a week, I say (in true blue heeler fashion) bollocks to the credit munch!

lady jicky said...

G'day Henry. I was feeling sad that I do not get pocket money but then I had a big think - what do I need it for? Mum and Dad pay for my food, board and Vets!
Life is not bad and its even gotten a touch cooler weatherwise mate.
See Ya!

Diane said...

What a good way to look at things, Henry, love! I needed to read this today. Thank you!

Lisa said...

Silver linings are always there if you look hard enough!

Henry the Dog said...

Braja - I like to think that I've made you smile:)xxxx

Minnie - we are SO behind you there. The media is hugely to blame in our view. Why don't they start a wave of optimism too? It's much more productive and beneficial. Promoting gloom is helping NOBODY xxx

Blu - I've been over to yours and am truly sorry. Mum and me are thinking of all those folk who are affected by that terrible loss.

Blaze - EXACTLY - that is the point I'm making. I tell you what Blaze - don't watch the news on TV, don't read the papers and you won't even notice xx

FFancy - some are hit more than others, but we do think that the media is hugely to blame for whipping people up into a frenzy of global depression - that is no way out of a recession. Positive thinking is never a bad thing xx

Woman of NI - thanks, we agree. Positive thought can work wonders we reckon. xx

Lady Fi - thanks, mum was always a glass half full person, but this time she was finding herself being dragged down with the media hype. Thankfully she recognised what was happening and stopped it.

Stubby - I like your list old pal. And yes, you do have a job - a really important one. I'm sure your folks realise that.

CSquared - "rah rah"?? Watch this space. Ha ha ha...Why not? It's a thought. I'm glad we raised your spirits. And no, mum isn't that clever. She's not thick, but between you and me she doesn't understand much of what they write in that mag. She tries hard

Dumdad - EXACTLY - every day we see some story of doom and gloom. Why don't they stop it? Why doesn't the media change it's tactics?

Juliet - positive thinking IS difficult sometimes. But if you work hard at programming your brain to think that way, it works. You're simply creating new pathways of thoughts. In the end your brain will find them easier to follow. Better to follow a positive path than a negative one. xx

Irish - you are much too clever. The joke was lost on me and mum but we love you anyway. We know it's easy to say 'think positive', not so easy to do. But if everyone around you is thinking positive, it is easier. And, as I said to Juliet. It's something you have to exercise in your brain. It's just like a muscle. The more you exercise it. The stronger it gets. Honest.

KC - that wasn't an awful poem. It was from the heart. How can it be awful? So glad the snow is melting. Let's concentrate hard on making it melt even faster, eh? xx

Frankie - I know. Those humans make such a mess of things sometimes don't they. I guess your folks have "Been there, done that, got the T-shirt" so they know there IS a way out. Always will be.
And yes, I'd love to be your assistant. Would I get paid????

Detroit - WELL DONE! I'll be right over and check that out. I've decided to go commercial in my own little way too. I might be having ads in my blog. Some would say I'm selling out. Well, I'm not proud. Needs must. xx

Bryn - don't you just LOVE that word? I think mum picked it up when she was living in

Kenzo - glad to hear it's a bit cooler, little guy. It's damp again here. Wish I could give you some of my rain. xxx

Diane - thank you sweetie. Hope you're well xx

Lisa - there is, even in the hardest of times xx

Jennysmith said...

Good for you , Henry and your mum, laugh in their faces. There;s too much paranoia around. Sod it, as my mum would say xxxxx

Braja said...

Henry, in that 'artsy' shot, you're not practicing for your calendar photos, are you? Racy boy :))))

Mickle in NZ said...

Oh Henry, this post of yours, and all the comments have been so uplifting to read. Of course Zebbycat has snoozled through my reading.

Things wot we are grateful for:

finding each other and agreeing on a mutual adoption

a safe home for Zebby where is isn't beaten up by other cats

a lovely and loving new friend for me, who really wants to be with me

finding we enjoy each others huggles and snuggles

talking away to each other

checking up on each other throughout the day

we each thinking we rule - LOL

the food battles coz Zeb thinks he should try everything Mickle eats

Zebby care and confort when I'm feeling unwell and/or am in pain

Mickle finding a dear blog friend in HENRY, whose Mum and Uncle Hugh put up with Mickle's correspondence with their Henry.

Zebby being allowed to snooze, eat, purrumble away, and whack his mickle while she bloggs.

And from Mickle - the amazing bloggers out there that put up with my ramblings and ravings.

Stay warm, safe and cosy dear Henry, love from Mickle (love from Zeb? - he's a cat, so sleeping ans snoring yet again, LOL)

Mickle in NZ said...

i do have problems with the s and d keys, don't I........

Irish Gumbo said...


I apologize for the cleverness, its a side effect of reading too much :)

This should help clear things up: O Henry!

Pearl said...

Finally! Someone to put us straight. I agree wholeheartedly with the doggie!

Henry the Dog said...

Jennysmith - yeah! Sod it! Mum uses that too:)

Mickle - s&d keys? Never noticed. We love your comments, and it's lovely that you and zeb have so much to be happy about. You always seem so positive Mickle. Good on you xxx

Irish - well thanks for that, v interesting. I love learning new stuff. Perhaps I should start calling myself "O Henry" :)

Pearl - maybe all that's needed is for a dog to be in charge. Or at least a bit of rebellion amongst folk xxx

Parisgirl said...

Henri, bottle of fizz for less than a fiver? At today's exchange rate? No wonder your mum's feeling upbeat!

~Marie~ said...

I agree Henry, we have to think positive and do positive things to get out of the credit munch. If everyone stopped heading the gloom and doom, we would be that much closer to getting out of it.

Peanut has not felt the pinch of the credit munch. He still has all the love, treats, toys, and everything he could ever want.

My dad on the other hand has felt it, and is probably going to get rid of my mom's cell phone. Which I think is a bad idea because she is disabled and what if she falls and hurts herself when no one is home. How will she get to a phone?

La Belette Rouge said...

I though credit munch was when Lily got into my wallet and tried to eat my Amex card.

Thanks for upping my beat. I needed that.xo

Henry the Dog said...

Braja - how did I miss your comment???? What calendar? Is my mum plotting something I don't know about;) The little minx:):)

Parisgirl - mum says there are loads going for under a fiver. Not the one that's called Champagne, of course. But fizzy stuff done "Methode Traditionelle". It seems to work just as well:):)

Marie - no, I've not noticed any cutbacks either, but the one your dad is talking about seems a bit daft. Is she not on 'pay as you go' like mum?

La Belette - now that IS funny:):)

French Fancy said...

When is mum going off to foreign places, Henry? Is she counting the days?

Henry the Dog said...

FFancy - I go to the kennels on Thursday. Mum goes Friday. Yes, counting the days and boring me stupid. She's now stressing that the weather will end up causing problems with her flight to the UK (where she flies to Singapore from)she's keeping her fingers crossed that there is no snow in this part of France. Mum is a born worrier.

Mickle in NZ said...

Dear Henry, by the time I write to you the worst of my depression is over for the day - and you make me laugh and smile so much.

Hope Mum doesn't melt with the heat in Singapore, and that your kennels are heated. Huggles, Mickle and Zeb

Henry the Dog said...

Mickle - yes, the kennels ARE heated, thank goodness. It's been cold enough here to freeze the balls off a brass monkey. (Henry stops, shakes his head and looks puzzled) Where the bloody hell did that saying come from? Must have got it off mum xxxx

Temple said...

Here, here, Henry! Well said!!!