Friday, January 30, 2009

Inondations - that's "floods" to you and me

Whilst some of you lucky folk were having heatwaves, Lee, whilst some of you were holidaying at the seaside and being literally pampered to death, Braja (I did offer to do my ‘Super Dog’ impression and rescue her from the torture, but mum said she was enjoying it), us folk in this part of Europe have been having stinking weather. Gales and driving rain.

Last weekend in this part of France we had "bohcohdanondaseeons” – that means lots of floods to you guys who don’t speak French as well as me. And we had terrible wind at the weekend. (No, I’m not going to make a funny pun, that’s the type of thing puerile Uncle Hugh would do). That photo above is of a restaurant that mum & Uncle Hugh sometimes go to for Sunday Lunch. There’s normally a lovely patio, beautiful gardens and a car park at the back. I reckon there won’t be a Sunday lunch for a while n’est-ce pas? Here's a close up:

And this is photo is of the fields we pass on one of our walks – no longer fields.

Mum’s not keen on rain and she hates wind. I mean, REALLY hates it. She hates it so much it was one of the (many) reasons she was really happy to come and live in this part of France because we don’t normally get any. I think I’ve said it before – it blows her hair into her lippy and gets her all vexed. I don’t think it’s just that, I think it scares her too. Don’t ask me why. I don’t know how anyone can be frightened of weather – a mad axeman, yes, but weather – no. Unless, of course, it’s that extreme kind that they find in some places of the world. The type of weather those guys in The Big Storm Picture go and chase. Mum calls them ‘bloody nutters who want their heads looking at’; I think they’re dead cool. But honestly, here in France, we’re unlikely to get it as bad as they do there (and before you start, yes, I do know about that freak hurricane in 2000 that wreaked havoc over Europe, but it’s not a regular occurrence, is it?)

Anyway, this bad weather caused power cuts all over. We had no electric all morning on Sunday, and mum was having anxiety attacks thinking that she wouldn’t be able to use her dishwasher or her hair straighteners. I mean, I ask you, how can life continue without one’s hair straighteners? (Henry rolls his eyes, shakes his head and sighs) At the time of her anguish, I did think that there are folk in the world who haven’t even GOT electricity. Who’ve never heard of a dishwasher or hair straighteners, but who still manage to survive. Honestly, she is a bit of a wussy girl sometimes.

Our electricity came back mid-morning, but three days after and there were still lots of folk without it. As I said before, things take a long time in France, you see, they have to stop for two-hour lunch breaks – it’s obligatory. Nothing comes between a French workman and his ‘plat du jour’. Nothing! Mum has often joked that the worst time to have a house fire in France is between the hours of 12 and 2.

We still managed to go out for a walk though. Nothing comes between me and my walk. I INSIST on having my walk. Except that when it’s really ‘bucketing’ down, as mum puts it, the walk only lasts about ten minutes.

Here’s a little clip of me getting all excited about my walk (it's very short & you get to see mum's grey socks & messy kitchen):


Indrayani aka, Indi! said...

ohhh!! your video is sooooo sooo cute!
I have a dog candy..she is a female lab..n i hope she doesnt see your post or she might write to you ... u know... I am afraid she might get a small crush on you..
Or she might get all jealous seein me complimenting u & adoring u every day!! ... ;)

Oh u are sooo adoreable darling...

LadyFi said...

Tell your mum that she knows nothing about messy kitchens! Yours is so tidy!! I could send over my two anklebiters to do some of their spontaneous cooking though if you really want to know about mess. Especially if she lets them cook something with chocolate. Oh the horror!

Sounds like you've been having a spate of wild weather. Forget the hair straighteners - how did mum make coffee? Much more important!

And remember, Henry - nothing should come between a dog and his walk - nothing! Not even wind or buckets of rain...

Mickle in NZ said...

Hooray - I got to hear your Mum's lovely voice again and yours too!

Zeb took no notice so I don't think he has realised yet that I'm writing to a dog.

Stay away from that park coz the water looks like it might be too deep for a Henry, maybe even for a Henry's Mum.

Huggles from Summer over here, Mickle

Lee said...

Oh Henry, send me the water! Three days over 42°C and both my garden and I are brown and crisp.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

You're just teasing us in the hotter climes, aren't you, Henry!

French Fancy said...

Call that messy? I give you messy and double it!

We have the standard joke when cut up by a Frenchie at 11.50 - 'never get between a Frenchman and his lunch' - the thing is that it is so true. Having said that, all the work we've ever had done on our house has been by local artisans and they really know what they are doing. They don't even stop for tea or coffee breaks, so I never begrudge them their long lunch.

Phew, lots of words but your vids are tremendous. I must try and get the girls when they are doing a 'bichon blitz'

shame about your weather. We've not really had any rain in our bit of France. It's got a bit colder but all we've really had is a bit of drizzle

Braja said...

Oh I know it was SO kind of you, but really Henry, I'm fine. Now, this weather you're suffering? See, this is all the more reason why mummy is coming away to India for the retreat next year. Now you be a good boy and let her go quietly, ok? :))) And as I promised her, we'll send back some camel poo off the beach in a bag for you to sniff. Really.

Self-Proclaimed Editor said...

It's 6:08 here in the cold northern Hemisphere and my lady has not fed nor walked me yet. Slacker. Guess I'll nibble on her fingers . . . have a great weekend Henry, Mum and Uncle Hugh. :) KC

Irish Gumbo said...

Lunch wouldn't be so bad provided one doesn't mind some rather soggy bread, I think. Oh, and one would probably have to like some sort of seafood (riverfood?) in this case.

Cold and icy here, dear Henry. I'm with you on the walks. I don't like the weather getting in the way of mine, but with the ice I'm going a bit stir crazy.

And mistral for Mum, I take it. I wouldn't like the wind either. Stay dry!

Frankie Furter said...

Henry I wish you could have been here when I played your video. It made my mom jump when you made your happy yip. It was so very much funny. I was wagging and and wagging. I even played it again. That time she was a bit more prepared,but she still was startled. he he he
Sorry to hear about all your rain. I don't like it any better than I do all this snow that I have.
Dachshunds are 70 degree dogs, and we all hate anything that falls on us from the sky.
So, Henry what do you think is causing all of this unusual weather all around the world? I keep wondering where all that global warming went? Australia (Kenzo's world) I think.
Doesn't the wind make your ears flop around? It does it to mine.

Frankie Furter said...

Henry I wish you could have been here when I played your video. It made my mom jump when you made your happy yip. It was so very much funny. I was wagging and and wagging. I even played it again. That time she was a bit more prepared,but she still was startled. he he he
Sorry to hear about all your rain. I don't like it any better than I do all this snow that I have.
Dachshunds are 70 degree dogs, and we all hate anything that falls on us from the sky.
So, Henry what do you think is causing all of this unusual weather all around the world? I keep wondering where all that global warming went? Australia (Kenzo's world) I think.
Doesn't the wind make your ears flop around? It does it to mine.

Jennysmith said...

Good Grief, Henry, and there was me despairing at the flooded riverside at Twickenham! Your flooding is seriously scary.

I don't like wind either. It can feel evil sometimes

Super kitchen , you lucky thing xxxx

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Those pics are very dramatic, Henry - things will return to relative normality in good time, as they have done here in the UK, for the most part post-floods...

As for a messy kitchen, tell your mum she's as daft as a brush - My kitchen regularly resembles a church hall bring and buy - after all the hordes have been in - LOL! x

Henry the Dog said...

Indi - my mum used to have a lab, is she black or golden? I'm sure she wouldn't get jealous - I'm a guy, so she'll surely understand my magnetic attraction. I'd love to see some photos of her xxx

Lady Fi - mum's a bit anal when it comes to kitchen surfaces, she likes them uncluttered. She gets all agitated when Uncle Hugh is doing his cooking and throwing food around. Luckily, she doesn't have any anklebiters otherwise I think she'd blow a fuse. That morning without the electricity she boiled some water on the gas hob and then poured it through the coffee in the filter, apparently it tasted "shite":)

Mickle - I sometimes wade up to my ankles but that's it. I've never tried to swim, it's not something that particularly appeals to me. Lucky you having summer. Mum's going to be having summer when she goes on hols next week xxx

Lee & J Cosmo - mum says you can have "all the bloody rain if we could send it", sadly we can't. It wasn't raining today, it was frosty.

FFancy - I don't think it's messy either, it's mum and her obsession with clear surfaces. I'd LOVE to see a 'Bichon Blitz' - sounds fab.

Braja - January is a good time for European folk to go to the other side of the world - I do know that. They need to retreat from the 'winter blues'. Your retreat idea has given me another idea for a doggy post, actually xxxx PS: the promise of camel poo would compensate for mum being away with you without me:)

KC - no wonder you've had no food or walks at 06:08 - that is SERIOUSLY early. I don't get my morning pee until Uncle Hugh gets up at 7, then I don't get breakfast until after mum gets up at 8.30, then I don't get a proper walk until at LEAST 12. But we do go out for over an hour, so it kind of makes up for it. It's been cold here too today xxx

Irish - hey, you could walk me from time to time:) That'd be good, I don't get many 'manly' walks. Uncle Hugh never takes me:( PS: I love bread - it's my 'penchant' - don't even mind it soggy:)

Frankie - I laughed when I heard about your mum jumping. My mum's a bit 'jumpy' too. I don't know where the global warming has gone either. It certainly isn't over here.

Jennysmith - mum says the floods were terrible in the UK in 2007. She said it was worse then than ever before, but we were here then so she watched it all on the news on TV. Where we used to live in Doncaster was flooded really badly. Mum likes the kitchen, it's just the right size for us three.

A Woman of NI - things are already returning back to normal. As for mum's kitchen - as I said to the other folk - she's a tad obsessed with clear surfaces. I just ignore her xxxx

Juliet Colors said...

Aw... Henry, you are too cute! I'd take you for a walk, any day.

That's funny about your mum and wind... I hate wind too. It drives me nuts. I get so mad about it, it's really quite silly. Of course, since I bought Alex a kite (that he's only been able to fly twice now), I really should be happy for a day windy enough for kite-flying.

La Belette Rouge said...

Darn, now Lily wants to go for a walk. She saw that you were going and she went a grabbed her leash and brought it to me. Yes, she does that several times a day but she seems insistent.

Daisy said...

Henry you are so handsome and serious- I hope you had a lovely walk with lots of smells and things to chase despite the terrible weather. That water does look scary, I hope it calms down and gets back to normal soon. Keep us posted!

detroit dog said...

Henry, you are seriously handsome. Really.

The photos are scary! We just heard on the news that, here in Detroit, we are having the 4th snowiest winter since they started keeping records in 1893.

shovel, shovel, shovel....

Stubby said...

You crack me up - your video is hilarious! I love my walks too, but most mornings it is barely above zero - way too cold for a pug to take a walk. I usually just dash out in the backyard, check for any goodies that the bunnies might have left, and quickly do my business.

I am trying to talk Mom into taking some video of me, but she says that no one wants to see a pug sleep. That's not very nice, is it?

lady jicky said...

G'day henry, its HOT Kenzo here. I was shocked with the flood but I would love that water here mate.
I can't wait to be able to go on a walk ( not finished those injections) but when I do I think I will be as happy as you are!
See Ya!

Temple said...

Wow at the floods! Eeks!

And, Henry, you are even more adorable on live video!!! Lola gets, um, "testy" when I take too long to get the leash out for the W-A-L-K, too :)

Braja said...

And that video of you is priceless; watching your little tail doin' it's thing when you're standing at the door, hilarious :)

Henry the Dog said...

Juliet - mum doesn't like the sound that wind makes either. She thinks it's eerie. But she loves to see kites flying - she finds them uplifting x

La Belette - awwwww - that is so cute. I can imagine little Lily pup bringing her leash to you, looking all hopeful and waggy tailed. Mum's going "ahhhh" too.xx

Daisy - thank you sweet thing for calling me handsome - it does my male ego a load of good. The water is already down, it's amazing how quickly things get back to normal n'est-ce pas?

Detroit - another one to call me handsome! Phew! My head is getting sooooo big. I think I'd rather have rain than snow. Snow would leave us stranded out here in the countryside I reckon.

Stubby old pal - mum and me would love to see you sleeping. Cheer up, the weather will start to get warmer as spring approaches, then it'll be back to walkies.

Kenzo - when are your next injections due? It won't be much fun walking in heat though, that's the problem isn't it? I don't like walking in heat. If I could give you some water, believe me I would. xx

Temple - yes us dogs can get a bit impatient can't we? It's just that we love going out with our mums & dads so much we get a bit hysterical. Mum used to spell WALK too, instead of saying it, but I got so that I knew what it was anyway. I'm a clever little chap:)

Braja - mum loves my little tail too. She says it turns into a blur sometimes it goes so fast. I think I'm the last generation of Schauzers to have a tiny tail. Docking got outlawed after I was born. I would have had a big curly one, I reckon I would have looked daft, but it's what you get used to isn't it?

Braja said...

And I notice you're changing your photo up top there daily, you little star you :))

Asphodel said...

Heh! Well if thats a new picture of you Henry, it definitely works well.

The video wont load anymroe btw :-(