Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hello again everyone.

Well, I’m back and I just want to say that I know about Braja, and at first I was really sad. But then I prayed to God Rex, so everything’s going to be fine – don’t you folks worry. And I’m sending her a special photo of me. So that’ll definitely sort it. She’ll be up and about in no time.

As you can see, I’ve been clipped and I reckon I look like a right ‘babe magnet’. If you remember last time mum picked me up from the kennels I looked a bit like this:

Mum rudely said that I stank and then she put me in the shower. This time she said I look good enough to eat. I don’t think you should take that in the literal sense. Mum says things like that, but she never means them. She also says stuff like “I could kill you, you little bastard”, or, “If you don’t come here RIGHT NOW, I’ll wring your neck.” But I’m still here. She’s all bluster. She’s never laid a finger on me. I don’t take her seriously. Well, I do sometimes. But not often. I humour her, mostly.

Well, you finally met my mum. I love her to pieces but she does have a tendency to go on doesn’t she? She talks a lot my mum. And she’s a bit gushing, but she can’t help that. She does try and rein her ‘over enthusiasm’ back, but sometimes she forgets. Anyway, enough of her. I’m the star. On with the game.

As usual, Kennels was brill and I got thoroughly spoiled by James and Jane. There was also an added bonus that their little pup had a really bad cold, and a constant runny nose. So I helped him out from time to time with that, which made Jane go all religious on me. She kept saying “Oh my God” every time I did it. Her little pup’s just the right height at the moment.

Rog wasn’t there. Pity. But I had loads of bitches in my harem this time. One, called Lulu, was a Pomeranian crossed with a Yorkie. Now she was a strange looking thing. She looked a bit like a bedraggled ‘pompom’. But she was quite cute in a dirty way, and she spoke good English.

Lulu taught me about False Friends. She called them “foesamee”. False Friends are French words that seem to be the same as English ones, but they aren’t. And you can get yourself in a bit of a pickle if you don’t know them. She said that there is one false friend that us English folk get wrong a lot. And that is ‘préservatif’. She says that in France it means ‘condom’, which is a bit rude (I found out). Now I know why mum’s friends fell about laughing that morning when mum told them that the jam didn’t have any added preservatives in it.

Here are a few more:

Actuellement – in French means ‘at the present time’, whereas when we say ‘actually’ we sometimes use it to mean ‘in fact’, which is actually ‘en fait’ in French.

Ballot – means a bundle or package, not a way of voting.

Ancien – can mean ‘former’ as opposed to old. It depends where it comes – before or after the noun. I don’t know what a noun is (I’m simply quoting Lulu).

Right, I’m a bit bored now. If you’re interested there are a few more HERE.

Meanwhile, I’m off for a much needed walk because I've not had my morning poo yet. And I'd quite like some bonding time with my mum.

It's good to be home and I'm looking forward to catching up with my favourite bloggers.


A Woman Of No Importance said...

It's good to have you back, Henry, and we do love your mum and her bits and pieces from Blighty too!

Enjoy your walk, and lessons in the French language - Very helpful!

p.s. I am certain your photo will help Braja heal, merci! x

Lee said...

No morning poo yet?? Oh, Henry!

(Good to see you again.)

Mickle in NZ said...

I just read your Mum's blog and learnt about dear Braja's injuries and the accident. Sending them many positive healing thoughts.

Wow, you look very handsome now you've been clipped (its okay - Zeb is snuggled down facing the opposite corner from my laptop screen). Although I must confess Zebby doesn't have to go through the hassle of being cliiped. He is self moulting and self cleaning.

Have you learnt to purr yet?

Hope you have a very happy day with Mum and Uncle Hugh, love and huggles to you all, Mickle xxxxxxxxx

French Fancy... said...

Thanks for putting us ahead of the morning poo,Henry. It's good to have you home.

Those faux amis are right buggers, aren't they.


Blu said...

bonjour Henry, I have been thinking about you. So impressed that you have been working on your French lingo. I hope that you didnt make any false friends in your holiday hotel. How long are you home for?

PS..If Mum & Uncle try to blame you for any odd smells..they are just trying to cover up for the fact they have been eating "English Curry"..

Have a lovely time with Mum & Unclexxx

Dumdad said...

Welcome back Henry. There's a little surprise awaiting you - ask mum.

~Marie~ said...

Henry you look absolutely stunning! Peanut got a haircut yesterday, and he is also quite the looker.

Braja and her family are in my prayers.

Welcome home!

Stubby said...

Henry old pal - it's great to have you back. You got clipped and I got a bath so we are both 'babe magnets'. I intend to go trolling this afternoon for babes and I hope you find some on your walk (after you make your poo of course).
I am sending tons of positive pug thoughts to Braja and family. I was shocked to hear about the accident, but she sounds like quite a fighter and I know she will be okay. I am sure the picture of you will help too.

boneman said...

Yes, I must agree.
That first picture of you is stunning. My own Princess Gninski was quite impressed, and said to offer you a meaty bone.
Here you go.

I'll stop again.
Maybe I'll bring the cat with me, too.

Diane said...

Welcome home Henry-love! We missed you terribly. Your mum's just lovely, though, and if she does go on about things, it's in such a charming and funny way that no one even notices :).

I've just gotten caught up on Braja's progress and it sounds as though she's doing better. I'm sure a 'babe magnet' photo of you will brighten her day. I may send her one of Sundance as well... he always looks so happy, it's hard not to smile when you see him (though it sounds as if smiling might be hard for her poor stitched up face for a while... but I know her heart can still smile :).

Enjoy your catch-up time with your Mum and Uncle Hugh... XOXO

Clive said...

Hi Henry
Lovely to have you back. You look gorgerous!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Henry! Love your new shorn look!

I do enjoy a false friend or two - always so interesting to see what linguistic traps a language can have!

The anklebiters are on a sugar high here - and I'm blogging and letting the chaos continue! Teee..hee...

Must dash!

bindu said...

Welcome back, Henry! Missed you. Your girlfriends sound like quite a mix.

Marie and John said...

Welcome home Henry. You've been a real miss while you've been away, but your mum has kept us company with her new blog.

Glad you enjoyed your holiday. I don't think your mum did so you'll have to give her (and Uncle Hugh) lots and lots of hugs and cuddles.

Love the photos of the 'new you'. Though I have to say I do like you with long hair. Must be the hippy in me...

Hope you enjoyed your walk.


Indrayani said...

Oh welcome back Henry!!

i have missed you!

lisahgolden said...

You look wonderful with your new haircut. I've been thinking of you and wondering how you were.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Welcome back!! The blogosphere has missed you!

Pat said...

Hi Henry and you are certainly a "Babe magnet" glad your Mum is back and all is well with your world. I did go over to your Mum site and I liked her very much.
going to visit her again soon.
You are too cute for words.
hugs, Pat

lady jicky said...

G'day Henry. I bet you are happy your Mum is back even if she goes on and on. Mine does too!
I have been really naughty - I get in the fish pond. Its great fun but...... Mum is not amused.
I am off to puppy class this coming Monday. Its the last one. I like it because I am trying to be a chick magnet like you but I think you have a "edge" with your French background. I just get laughed at!
See Ya!

Henry the Dog said...

Well, I couldn't catch up with the blogs yesterday because we didn't have an internet connection most of the afternoon and evening. Mum got all red and angry. Oh well, we have now.

A Woman of NI - my photo is all ready to go.

Lee - good to see you too. Mum's slack, honestly. She'd rather blog in a morning:)

Mickle - I reckon I could purr if I had to but it might make my throat hurt after a bit:)

FFancy - "Those faux amis are right buggers, aren't they"
Henry laughing his paws off) - yep, they are - hee hee xx

Blu - ha ha - yep I've been reading mum's blog. To be honest they have so much garlic whilst they're in France it's always a bit smelly chez nous:) I'm here until next Sunday morning.

Dumdad - a surprise? For me? I wonder what that could be. I'm dead excited now.....

Marie - us Schnauzers are very handsome aren't we? But when we're hairy we're the cutest breed on the planet. Trouble is, when we're hairy we constantly have debris in our coat. I used to go around shedding sticks, leaves and stuff.

Stubby - it's such a shame that we can't go cruising for chicks together. Oh well. We could do it in a virtual sense:)

Boneman - a virtual bone? Wonderful. I never get real ones:)
PS: don't bring the cat, they terrify me.

Diane - thanks for the compliments about my mum, she gets all shy when folk say nice stuff about her. As for the photo - it's ready, I've just not decided how to send it.

Blogdog - why thank you! (Henry blushes)

Lady Fi - (Henry giggling) you & your anklebiters make me

Bindu - and those are only the ones I tell you about:):)

Marie & John - yep I do look cute long, but as I said to Marie, I end up shedding debris as opposed to fur:)

Indi - missed you too you gorgeous lady - must pop over to say helloxxx

Lisa - thank you for thinking about me, you're sweet. However, I've been too busy sniffing lady bottoms to think about anything. To be honest I've had a great time, but don't tell mum;)

J Cosmos - my man! Thank you. I'll be hanging around for the next 7:)

Pat - oh wow. I'm blushing again. All these compliments:)

Kenzo - how are you little chap? Good to hear that you're being naughty. If you can't be naughty when you're a pup, when can you be? Keep it up, but don't eat the fish. They have lots of little bones in them and one might get stuck in your throat:)

La Belette Rouge said...

Henry, you will be much more popular with the ladies if you go in the shower. Lily is rather keen on her baths and blowdries but she is a girl after all. You do look gorgeous.

pet care tv said...

You really are a beautiful dog.