Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Life in the year 3000

Mum and Uncle Hugh were talking about some strange stuff last night whilst they were drinking their grape juice at the bar. It’s not really a bar. They call it ‘the bar’ it’s just a wooden sideboard thingumajig that they put their drinks on whilst they stand chatting. I think it represents a pub they used to go to in the UK on a Friday night and ‘prop the bar up’ as Uncle Hugh used to put it. They don’t have pubs in France. Not in these parts.
Anyway…I’m digressing.

So, as I was saying, they were talking about strange stuff. They were talking about what life might be like in the year 3000. It made my doggy brain a bit dizzy thinking about it, because we’re only in 2009, right? So 3000 seems like a long way away. Considering I can only count up to 10. I wonder if we’ll still be living in France? I mean, I’ve only been alive for (nearly) four years and I’ve already lived in three countries, so I doubt it somehow knowing my mum. I reckon by the year 3000 we might have lived in quite a few more places.
Anyway….I’m digressing again.

They were talking about stuff like time travel, and whether or not it will be possible in 3000. They were talking about virtual reality and how people wouldn’t go on real holidays because there wouldn’t be any point when all they’d have to do is log into the latest ‘Holiday’ software programme. They were talking about cities being built inside pods. They were talking about humans being microchipped at birth. What’s new about that? I was microchipped not long after I was born. That’s hardly rocket science n’est-ce pas?

I started wondering about what life will be like for a dog in 3000. Maybe we’ll have flying beds. I could sit in my bed and press a button and it could fly from the kitchen to the lounge and back again. That’d be fun. Maybe they’ll invent special toys that never wear out and would morph into something different whenever I get bored with them. Or maybe we’ll be taken on virtual walks and play with virtual toys. That wouldn’t be much fun, but young dogs wouldn’t know any different would they? Not if they were born in those days.

What do you think life will be like in the year 3000?

As long as I’m not expected to eat virtual food, I think I’ll cope.

Mum found me cuddled up on the sofa yesterday:

I asked her to tickle my tum:

Then I had a stretch:


Anonymous said...

Thanks fur stopping by my blog! It's furry nice to meet you. I have added you to my friends list so I can stop by again.
Gruffs from the Scruff

Mickle in NZ said...

Asking Mum to tickle your tummy? - so funny. When Zeb does that I describe it as him "going all cutie-pie", and of course it works and he gets a full tummy rub, and chest rub and under his chin.

Nice to know you both lurve a good tummy rub.

Hey, when Zebby stretches like that he almost always gives me the butt vie.

Henry - am I missing some sort of message in this? Zeb is a eunuch.

Anonymous said...

Loved this post... We'll probably have cybercanines that can cook, clean and look after the kids.

I definitely think we'll have virtual holidays that we will enjoy via virtual reality.

I hope transport will be completely different - if not, we're fooked as a planet... We'll have electric cars and all our power will come from renewable sources. Huge batteries will be able to store power from the wind and sun...

Either that - or the world will have blown itself up. But I believe in the half full glass so hope for the first scenario.

darkfoam said...

in the year 3000?
i'm hoping that we'll have virtual money that nobody has to work for ...

yawwwwwn ..

grump ..

and it's off to work i go this morn ..

French Fancy... said...

This is something that we talk about here from time to time - if you think about the rise of the internet that has totally changed all our lives, well back in the fifties that would have been laughed at - the very idea of a www would have been seen as ludicrous. Likewise driving underneath the sea to get from England to France - can you imagine what they would have said back then.

You can see my essay technique at work here - take the subject and try and turn it on its head a bit, okay -back to your post.

I wish we could know that a bit of us would bounce around in eternity spying on future generations and marvelling at the inventions they were using. I think power packs will be around though - cars will be history and everyone will just strap on their little motor and take off.

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Hi Henry, I am thinking that in 3000 we fur folks will live in a world with push button snack dispensers. Automatic poop picker uppers. Fur cleaning and grooming machines that do NOT require the use of water. And the best of all will be robotic spot scratchers so that we will not have to sit in such inelegant positions to have our itchies scratched.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Henry, you have such a hard life...looking so gorgeous while waiting for your tum to be rubbed!

I think technological miracles in the past 10 years have been amazing, never mind, as FF said, about the past 50 or 60 years, so who knows what it will be like in 3000?

Hopefully we'll still have green spaces to breathe in, and I don't want a virtual holiday, thankyou, as I like the whole 'being in a different place' experience...

I think our homes will be more efficient, with things like automatic hoovering, ironing and body drying those fab new hand dryers there are now, which you place your hands in, draw them upwards, and they are dry... Imagine, no soggy towels, Henry?! xxx

Clive said...

By the year 3000 we're hoping that we've still got a world we recognise but somehow we doubt it and that worries us (well at least little man's Mum anyway).

Knocked Up in Bama said...

I can only imagine what scary vacum cleaners we'll have...puppers of the future beware!!


Diane said...

I think we'll all be fat(ter), as we'll have figured out easy ways to do nearly everything.

You are too cute, my darling little friend... xo

boneman said...

Well, never you mind about it, Henry.
Hopefully, in a few centuries, we'll have figured out that it's fun to work with our hands, and children will still run around outside and throw balls for dogs, or sticks and frisbees when they get bored with balls.
Our dogs got bored with their balls before we even got them (Max came in from the fields, one day and Tug was just sitting, waiting at a park for his [idiot] people to come back) and so don't have any.
Gni Gni never did, so, she's always sniffing the boys, asking, "what's up with that?"

Of course, since we'll all finally be civilzed, there won't be any need for 'domed' cities.
And, won't it be grand!?
Because we ALL get to be reincarnated.
You too!

Well, I'm not sure about me...
Living in the country, I may be rein-tar-nated

SSQuo said...

I want your life full of tickles, stretching and cuddles! :)

detroit dog said...

Life in 3000! Wow.

No more greyhound racing tracks and puppy mills. No more dog/animal fighting or betting.


Super toys will be indestructible. Treats will smell and taste even better!!!

Oh, it's making me dizzy with thought!

Anonymous said...

I would have enjoyed being a fly on the wall for your mum's and UHugh's conversations. What fun! I wonder if people from the year 3000 are already time-traveling back here, you know if time is linear and all that Deepok Chopra says... Now my head's spinning!

Cute pictures!

The Accidental Fan said...

I've been rather worried since I read about the "fingers of fun" you were getting off UHugh.

Now I've spotted the picture on the top right of the blog I am MOST relieved Henry.

Kathryn said...

You look quite adorable waiting for your mum to tickle your tummy. Did she oblige?

I too wonder what life will be like in the future. It doesn't seem like that long ago when my friends and I wondered what life would be like in 2000. It's not so different aside from the reliance people tend to have on all forms of technology and the violence seen on the television. Hopefully when 3000 rolls around it won't be too drastically different.

And, as always, your pictures are just adorable!

bindu said...

Henry - you look so cute, I want to pick you up and scratch your ears. I think you know too, how cute you are. :)

Anonymous said...




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lady jicky said...

Hi Henry. What is it about humans? I live a day at a time but they look into the future or go back in the past. I was naughty yesterday but ..... they don't bloody forget it! I have forgotten it a long time ago.he, he.

I am too busy doing more naughty stuff today to worry about the year 3000 mate.
I think Uncle Hugh and Mum are proping up that bar too much! LOL
See ya!

lisahgolden said...

I want to do belly, belly, belly to you when I see pix like the 2nd one.

I hope for time travel. Now.

Juliet Colors said...

I don't think I'm imaginative enough to predict the future. (Maybe if I drank a whole bottle of wine first...) So many things could happen in the next 1000 years. I hope there will be many improvements/advancements in science and health and environment. But I know that with every new advancement come unanticipated pitfalls.

I love your latest photo shot! You're adorable, Henry!

Ruby Isabella said...

I like what anonymous said. Well, it looks pretty. I think by 3000 dogs will be in the positions of power.

boneman said...

well, I know a couple things.
It's dangerous to listen to boneman straight. Be sure to have a glass or two of some decent wine when he gets started up.
He still thinks there should be a middle lane between the highway systems for a horse and buggy. A HORSE and BUGGY! And in just dirt so it's cheap and easy to maintain.
What a backwards sort of fellow.

But, he does give good scratch! woof!

I'll tell you something else. That chinese fellow up there is selling an online catalogue.
Not wise to just click on it, I'm thinking.
No good deals on bones there. Except for 'dog bones' know.
Dog Bones.
They eat dog, there.
Talk about a dog eat dog kind'a business!

Lee said...

The year 3000AD? I reckon it will be much like 3000BC. Plenty of time to find a cave you like though.

Chairman Bill said...

In the year 3000 cats will have become the dominant life form and will be waging an intergalactic war on dogs.

Henry the Dog said...

Scruff - tis my pleasure having your round my place. Mum thinks you're dead cute:)

Mickle - as you can see in the photo, I'm no eunuch:) Tummy tickles rule!

Lady Fi - cybercanines - mum thinks they're a BRILLIANT idea, she said if I were cybercanine I could do her ironing:(

Foam - then mum wouldn't have any money worries either - sounds great!

FFancy - my mum's with you. She says that she remembers her old dad saying that mobile phones 'would never take off'. Ha ha:)

Frankie - I think your ideas sound brill - start inventing:)

Woman of NI - mum loves those new hand-dryers. She found one in Meadowhall when she was last in the UK and got all giddy:)

Blogdog - maybe we'll be pleasantly surprised, don't worry pal:)

Alabama - yeah, imagine something creeping round the house all of its own accord. EEK!

Diane - maybe they'll invent food we can eat to abundance but never put on weight!

Boneman - your idea of the future sounds like great fun. If I'm reincarnated, I want to be back in a mini schnauzer with a reincarnation of my mum as my mum, if you get me:)

SSQuo - tis good:)

Detroit - I do hope so!

CSquared - oh don't start mum off, her head will be spinning too:)

The Accidental Fan - mum's laughing her head off, I don't get it! Why is she laughing? What else COULD Fingers of Fun mean????

Kathryn - you could be right. Mum remembers 1999 - that TV series. It was sooooo way off the mark wasn't it? Maybe things won't be TOO different after all.

Bindu - you're right. I do:)

Anonymous - I don't speak German!

Kenzo - you keep up the good work my little man:)

Lisa - you can pop over and tickle my tum anytime sweetheart:)

Juliet - and you're adorable too:)

Ruby - you could be right. And why not?

Bob R etc... Nothing wrong with horse & buggy - nice and easygoing type of life. As for that Anonymous post. So that's Chinese eh? You won't get me wanting to learn that....not in a thousand years hee hee...

Lee - I could live in a cave. No probs. As long as I had my Royal Canin I could live anywhere.

Chairman Bill - yep and we'd whip their asses:)

Mickle in NZ said...

Pleased your vocabulary is expanding.

Three years now since Mickle and Zebby mutually adopted each other (some other human in his past responsible for his neutering).

I've just noticed what big paws you have - all part of your good looking self. Hope this week is going really, really well for you, and Mum and Uncle H.

My guesstimated 11 years old Zeb is sleeping soundly, I'd better join him before he uses up all the sleep that is in our beddybise tonight.

huggles and care (and a sneaked in tummy tickle for you while Zeb is snoring away, hehe)

Pat said...

Hi Henry, I added you to my blog list as I love reading about your days and adventures. Decided I should quit snooping on you and be a regular and faithful friend. Hope it is ok. You have got to be the cutiest thing ever and if I was close I would scratch your tummy too. Don't worry about the future, live for the day.

Jennysmith said...

Gosh, H, i'm finding 2000 hard enough to cope with. But i did visualise the things your mum said like time travel and that in 2000 so i don't know really.

my gran used to have a bar. it always smelt of ginger beer for some reason. Thought it was wonderful when i was a kid. still hanker for one now - so glamourous.

love to you and your mum xxxxx

Henry the Dog said...

Mickle - my mum actually picked me because of the size of my paws and thickness of my legs. I was the stockiest boy in the litter and mum being a bit of a hiker from time to time wanted something a tad 'durable':)

Pat - I'm honoured that you've added me to your blog list. You are now part of my official Fan Club. And I agree with you, we should live for the day:)

Jennysmith - mum's isn't a REAL bar. Just a pretend one. It's somewhere for mum and Uncle Hugh to stand and have a drink. They like to stand up when they're drinking - mum says it's probably a working class thing:)

J. L. Krueger said...

A virtual walk would only be decent if it came complete with good virtual smells...dead squirrels and the like. But could you take a virtual roll in said dead virtual squirrel? Might be hard to replicate that pleasure.

Anonymous said...

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Dog_geek said...

I guess I'm a pessimist, but I really doubt that our civilization is going to make it to the year 3000! I'm thinking there will be nothing left but the cockroaches!