Monday, March 16, 2009

Trying it on? Moi?

Trying it on? Moi?

Mum says I’ve been “Trying it on” a few times since I got back from the kennels all shorn and cute. How COULD she? I’m not like that. Would I?

Ok, I concede, perhaps I HAVE been trying it on – a tad.

As you know, a couple of weeks up to my going into the kennels my fur was very long and dense and we had a few warm sunny days. Hence, quite a few times into my daily walk (usually on the way back) I’d get all overheated and feel a bit light-headed. So I’d fling myself down into some shade and refuse to budge. When mum tried to get me to move I’d give her my “How could you torture something as cute as me?” look.

Result? Mum would telephone Uncle Hugh and he’d come in mum’s car and pick us up. I’d get a nice cool ride back home – the aircon blowing a lovely cool breeze on my hot brow. Result!

Well. As you know, my coat is now shorn and whilst it’s been sunny, it’s not been that warm, so I’ve not got that as an excuse. BUT – mum walks fast. Mum is also walking faster than usual – something to do with making up for eating and drinking like a pig in the UK. Was she???? I must read her blog. Anyway, she walks fast, and every walk is at least four miles. She’s got really long legs, mine are short. Plus, I’m running all the time. So I reckon it’s more tiring for me…..(I’ll get to the point eventually)….. So, the last couple of times when I got a bit tired on the way back from my walk I thought that if I looked all hot and bothered and sat down, she’d simply ring Uncle Hugh and “Hey Presto!” little silver car with aircon would come and pick us up.

Wrong! Instead, mum gave me her ‘Knowing’ look and said “You little bugger. I know what you’re doing” at which point I tried to look all innocent and simply panted more, hoping I could fool her. No. It didn’t. A rather hefty tug and a brusque “Walk On!” got me going. I don’t think I’d better ‘Try it on’ again. She’s not daft. Well, not all the time.

Mum and me get excited about different things when we’re out walking.

This is what I get excited about.

Flat, dead frog. It didn’t smell that exciting because it was a bit too fresh. Maybe in a few days time.

This was a bit of used kitchen roll, which smelled of baby sick. Wonderful!

This is what mum gets excited about:


This is me trying to get at mum’s socks whilst she’s trying to put them on. I can’t resist socks.
(PS: the weighing scales have been out since they went to the UK - they are slack aren't they?)


Anonymous said...

Too cute, Henry! As for that fast walking - it's good for you! And you're a dog, so you should be able to run for four miles...

AS for going after those socks.. my lad Oscar would like to but I don't let him. He does, however, always run away with people's gloves!!

Lee said...

You're not trying Henry; you're a natural!

Blu said...

Socks, what is it with your doawgies..Big woofer is the same!!
Mum is walking fast because that is what they do in Tescoland. Tell her to chill Henry..get her to take more pictures then she has to stop for poor poor boy..

Hugs to you all xxxxxxx

Wei Qian said...

Hello Henry,

Poor Henry! Maybe you could think of new ideas ? :DD

best regards

boneman said...

absolutely! When the cork pops, there's almost always cheese cube bites to be had.
Sure, Steve (who pops the cork) doesn't like it much when Berry passes down the treats.
He's such the easy touch! Just look at him, cock your head like the RCA dog, and, next thing you know, it's 5 year old cheddar, 8 year old cheddar, its twelve year, cave aged fractures of cheddar so wonderful (snarf snarf)

Oh, don't get me wrong.
I eat the socks every chance i get!
The toes of Berrys socks, occasionally blue jeans, too!

Berry's tired of Winter, though, and liked the flowers.
Pass down some frog, if you will.
If it's organic, it's edible!
Here comes Berry now!

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Hi Henry, Geee I am so happy you are home. I have missed you something fierce. I tried very much hard to read your mum's blog. She writes too much human for to understand. I even tried to have mom explain the words to me. I guess people don't understand that English is not our first language. Silly things.
I found a toad in my garden last year. Don't bite them. It caused me to foam at the mouth something dreadful. Mom was a real butt sniff about it. She laughed!!! GRRRRR. You and I have so much in commom. I got my mom's socks last night and put them under the couch. he he he
I hope my monster story won't cause you not to be able to nap. It sounds like you will need plenty of that since your mum is trying to walk your legs down as short as mine. Licks & Hugs

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Hi again Henry. Wow I had to go to your other two posts to get fully caught up. You and I are such STUDS. You are a chick magnet, and now that I have my gorgeous TWINS, I am a studmuffin. Did you have a special girlfriend at the kennel? I have my very much lovely Penny and Ruby. They are hot babes.
I am confused. Why were the kennel folks upset about you tending to that nose in need??? People, can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.
Glad you are back. Hope mum got plenty of plastic. Perhaps she will get you a sweater. he he he

French Fancy... said...

We've got two sock thieves that live here, Henry. Tissue thieves, hankie thieves, socks - anything that looks a bit icky will somehow find its way into a hidden corner.

Loved the little vid. I must look up how to use the Shooting facility on my camera

Anonymous said...

mummy says we have to be rushed today 'cos we are going to the groomer tomorrow and mum has to try and get all our knots out - else the groomer lady tells mum off.

She stands us on the kitchen counter and do you know what - there is never any food we can grab as a compensation for our ordeal - nothing. We have groomer-eve days.

Love you Henry

Anonymous said...

Pop did that post and she's such a divvy. She meant to say that we *hate* groomer-eve days.

(rolls eyes)

Anonymous said...

That adopted sister of mine is a useless typist, H. It's BRUSHED, not rushed - although we are sort of rushed and a bit excited when we see the brush and comb set. It takes mum ages because us bichons have a double coat. It looks soft and fluffy on top but underneath it is tough wiry curls and they get into mats quite easily.

Mum's got the same sort of hair as us and when her groomer does her hair she makes the same squeaky noises that we do. Serves her right!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Scores on the Doors: Henry 1, Mum 0

Anonymous said...

Very cute, Henry. And glad to see you back.

You look quite dashing with your fur shorn! :o)

Diane said...

Henry, I'm awfully glad Sundance doesn't do that with socks (though you're too cute when you do it). He was a stinker this weekend, though, as I was trying to loosen my wonky heel by rolling it back and forth over a tennis ball (it sounds odd, I know, but it works). He kept sneaking in all ninja-like and stealing it! Silly dog.

Oh, and tell your mum that eggs (luckily) don't have that effect on Sundance... he's (luckily) not a terribly farty dog... and constipation is NEVER an issue for him! :)

SSQuo said...

When Mum and U.Hugh are home you should have her chase you around the house and outside, maybe she won't need the weighing scales then afterall!

Love Mum's laugh by the way, its contagious! :)

~Marie~ said...

Good try on trying to fool your mum. Better luck next time maybe.

Peanut found a dead bird the other day in the garden that had been there for quite a few days. I would imagine it smelled quite wonderful to him.

Also Peanut is quite the fan of socks as well.

Have a wonderful day Henry.

amuse me said...

Henry - Love the video and I want to try "fingers of fun" -- yum!

:) KC

lisahgolden said...

Trying it on! Well, you are a smart dog. Good thing your mum isn't daft all the time or you'd be spoilt like my children.

Anonymous said...

I've finally had a chance to catch up on your last three posts, Henry.

1. You look marvelous with the new cut!
2. I enjoyed watching you go after UHugh's farting hands.
3. I enjoyed listening to your mum giggle even more!
4. I'm glad you and your mum are walking so vigorously. It's good for both of you!
5. The flowers are NOT boring - they're beautiful.
6. The frog... Oh, Henry.

Fun to hear from you again!

Jennysmith said...

henry my darling, welcome back! I'm sorry i missed your last post.

Battle of wits - isn't that what its called. or Wills, i can't quite remember.

There's nothing like a good haircut to perk you up, Henry, believe me, i know!

Write again SOON xxxxx

Juliet Colors said...

Your mum's smarter than you think, Henry. :-D

It's good to have you back!

Btw, your mum asked me to ask Alex a physics question a while back and I've only just got around to it... Alex says there are two answers I can give you, neither very satisfying. One is that the formula for acceleration is derived from calculus, which is probably why the book doesn't good into any detail (because you'd need a calculus background to understand it) and the other explanation is that time needs to be squared for the units to come out right (because acceleration is meters per squared second). Alex also recommends a much better intro to physics book by Richard Feynman, Six Easy Pieces.


bindu said...

On the trail I sometimes see little dogs like you running with their humans ... who are also running! I wonder how long they'd last, and they also have the dust in their faces all the time. So I feel your pain, Henry, but be thankful your mom is walking next to you. Tell her I love her cool tile floor!

Henry the Dog said...

Lady Fi - I know. Mum keeps reminding me that we've done many more miles in one go than that, especially when we're hiking in Switzerland. I'm being a wuss:)

Lee - ha!

Blu - I don't know what it is about socks, I can't help myself. As for walking fast. She's known for being a bit of a 'stomper'. You're right, she should chill:)

Vodka - no, there's no fooling my mum:)

Boneman - cheese? I love it. Mum's stopped eating it. She says it's too 'moreish' and "if it's there I'll eat it" - isn't that what you're supposed to do? Yeah, pop over for a frog's leg, or two. That'd be fun:)

Frankie - I know, I do worry about the wear and tear on my legs. Don't worry about the monster story frightening me. I'll go and sit on mum's knee. That's what I usually do when I'm frightened:) Yep, you're a studmuffin, I'm a babe magnet - we should go out on the town together, see how many babes we could pull, eh?

FFancy - another thing I can't resist - tissues of any kind. I simply can't help ripping them to shreds for some reason. It's just the dogginess in us isn't it?

Misty & Poppy - well hello girls (Hey, Frankie, pop down here for a sec;)). You two are like a double act, honest, you should have your own blogsite. I bet you'd be fun. Good luck with the groomer today. You'll need it:( I hate being groomed. Mum gives up on me and simply hacks bits off with scissors. I laughed out loud hearing about your mum making those noises. Yes, it does serve her right xxx

A Woman of NI - spot on!

Kathryn - I know, I know:)

Diane - how come you and I tend to revert to toilet humour? I think mum stops me from eating eggs thinking that they'll have the same effect on me as they do her:):)

SSQuo - mum used the weighing scales to weigh the cases before they went to the UK (Ryanair are so strict). She wouldn't dare get on them herself - might give her a big scare:)

Marie - anything dead for a long time smells good:) Must pop over to yours and say hello to Peanut, it's been a while:)

KC - beer is best:)

LIsa - us dogs are very much like children to hear mum speak:)

CSquared - the frog, I can't help it. I know it's squashed and dead and stuff but it smelled much more interesting than the flowers:)

Jennysmith - wits or wills, either way mum wins every time:)

Juliet - mum says that you're lovely to remember her question and thank you so much for the recommendation. She's off to Amazon right now xxx

Bindu - mum used to run and sometimes runs nowadays, but not very often. Only when she's feeling REALLY guilty about eating something. The cool tile floor is great in the summer. Mum didn't do it, it was there when we moved in she loves tiles because they're easy to clean if I've been sick:)

boneman said...


the BLOG is OURS!!!

lady jicky said...

G'day Henry.
I am very "trying" he, he. I have the great excuse - I'm a puppy. Well I am smart and I know what I am up to and so do you mate!
Hey, I can't be all bad - I graduated Puppy school on Monday!
Mmmm - well, everyone got the certificate but ---- who cares! LOL
See ya!

La Belette Rouge said...

Lily is also a professional sock thief. She likes socks going on or socks going off or socks on the floor. They are her favorite.

Henry the Dog said...

Bob R & Maxwell - errr, what???

Kenzo - congratulations kiddo. Do you go onto the next class now?

La Belette - what is is that makes socks so irresistable? I even like Uncle Hughs and they don't smell:)

J. L. Krueger said...

Duncan and Oliver have similar tastes for interesting things on their walks. A dead squirrel in the road won't get a second look until it's been there a day or two.

Oliver likes to grab his mum's toes to get her attention.