Thursday, March 19, 2009

I've been poorly and Mum nearly choked.

That's me looking a bit sorry for myself. I'm alright now.

I’ve been vomiting. Well, I’m a dog, so it happens from time to time. We dogs tend to eat stuff that we shouldn’t. In fact, when we vomit we even eat that – sorry folks. Too much info, I know. But eating stuff we shouldn’t is what we do best. Mum always says “DROP!” in her very firm Alpha Bitch voice if she sees me eating stuff that I find when we’re out walking, but I’ve worked out that when she says, “DROP!” if I swallow at that point, she simply sighs and says, “You little bugger.” So, I tend to get away with it unless it’s too big to swallow, then I have to drop it. Then I get praise but she doesn’t give me a treat to compensate for dropping the tasty morsel, so I sometimes wonder if it’s worth doing as I’m told.

Anyway, as I said, I’ve been vomiting because I found some really old stuff that smelled quite strong and made me think of very dead things.

Luckily, mum’s house has tiled floors.

So, I ate lots of grass and vomited that up too. Uncle Hugh said “Yuk!” Mum said “Fook!” Mum cleaned it up. Mum always does.

Then mum nearly choked. Uncle Hugh gave her a piece of ham and she started chewing then all of a sudden, she stood up and said, “I’ve got a problem”.

Don’t tell her, but I laughed my socks off. I know it wasn’t supposed to be funny but her face went all red and she started shaking and panicking and flapping her hands around like something injured whilst saying to Uncle Hugh
It’s stuck, it’s stuck. It feels as if it’s hovering between my ossofoguss and my windpipe (what’s an ossofoguss?) if it goes the wrong way do you know the highmlick manoover?” (what’s that?) I think mum’s been Googling stuff again. She tends to have stuff wrong with her after a session of Googling.

Anyway, Uncle Hugh says, “Of course I do, stop panicking. Here, eat some bread.” And I’m wondering why eating bread would help. So she starts eating bread and drinking water and her hands are shaking and she’s saying, in a rather screechy strangled voice, “It’s still there, it’s not going, it’s getting worse….” Then she coughed and this great big lump of ham shot out of her mouth and onto the floor, and I thought “Yum!” so I ate it.

They both looked at me as if I were some kind of grotesque monster and I’m thinking “What?” I mean, I reckon it was fair game. She didn’t want it, did she? It had been upsetting her. She seemed glad to have got rid of it.

The Law According to Henry – if it falls on the floor, it’s fair game, unless mum says, “LEAVE!” first in her Alpha Bitch voice.

Now for a cute video of me trying to get mum’s attention whilst she was on the computer yesterday morning. I was hungry after all that vomiting.


Lee said...

Ham, huh? Mixed blessings. Glad your mum dislodged it, glad you got some benefit too.

Dumdad said...

That's quite frightening. Still, all's well that ends well and Henry got a bonus snack. Scabby the cat occasionally has a choking fit after eating too much grass. I keep telling the silly mog, "you smoke it not eat it!"

Anonymous said...

glad to hear you feel better now Henry.. it's no fun vomiting - well, not for us humans who have to clean it up!

And thank goodness your mum is OK too. Don't tell her, but I did laugh at your description of the ham flying out of her mouth.

Of course you had to eat it: waste not, want not and all that! ;-)

Clive said...

Ugh! Little man's mum really hates cleaning up 'sick' and it happens a lot around here - every time little man travels!!

Glad to hear that your mum was alright though - that must have been very scary for her!

At least you are both better now and you got that piece of ham!!

Wei Qian said...

Am so glad that your mom is alright now (:

Best regards

herhimnbryn said...

Glad you're feeling etter Mate. My Mum hinks you are very handsome!

Jennysmith said...

Poor old thing. Hope you feel better now. Do you eat grass to be sick like cats do? It probably cleans you out. Watch what you eat now!

Yes, i'm very grateful for tiled floors.

Your poor mum, that was a bit scary! Got a dorito lodged in my windpipe once, didn't know what to do! it was just awful. hope she's okay now.


herhimnbryn said...

Oops! I mean Better!

herhimnbryn said...

Dear henry's Mum. Glad you are ok too! A large Malt is now needed to help you recover.

Knocked Up in Bama said...

Henry, you should totally be commended for helping her clean up the ham. You're a hero! :)

Kathryn said...

Glad you're feeling better and not vomiting anymore. That's no fun, whether you're a dog or a human. And, shame on you for not heeding your mum when she said "drop it". But, I'm sure you enjoyed the tasty tidbit. And glad that your mum is feeling better as well. You take care of her! :o)

French Fancy... said...

Stuck food is so scary. Mr FF and I have both been there and neither one of us know that H manouevre (sp?).

Henry - waste not want not and all that. I've been known to stick my fingers down P or M's throat if they've beaten me to something that they shouldn't be eating.

French Fancy... said...

I should have said - commiserations to you and your mum for the latest episode in life in the Henry household. So glad you are all back.

Blu said...

Henry you little bugga..There was your poor Mum all panicky, and you were waiting for a snack!!!TUT

Right place right time eh!

Hugs to you!! Blu xx

Stubby said...

Henry - what a funny little story! I know that vomitting is never fun, but I bet you got lots of sympathy for it. Mom gets all worried like I am going to die when I vomit. I love to eat vomit too - the food almost taste better the second time around.
I'm glad to hear both you and your mum are better. Anything that hits the ground - animal, vegetable, mineral - is mine, especially when it's ham. Yummy!

Diane said...

Poor Henry! Glad you're feeling better, darlin'. Sundance threw up on my bed the other night. That's always lovely... to be awoken from a dead sleep by the sound of heaving. Ick. And he does the same thing as you with the 'DROP' command. Except I call him a little shit when he does :).

Diane said...

PS... tell your Mum I'm glad she didn't choke too badly... that's a scary thing (and shame on you for laughing, little stinker!).

Parisgirl said...

Henry, I started off feeling sorry for you and for your mum then you made me laugh so much I nearly fell off my chair. What a funny chap you are!

amuse me said...

Henry - Score! on getting that piece of ham, but we sure glad that Mum's okay. How s-c-a-r-y that must have been! :) KC

Juliet Colors said...

Aw.. Poor Henry. I'm glad you're better now and that your mum didn't choke. Kind of you to clean up after her just as she cleaned up after you.

boneman said...

Hey! That's how those Ferengis eat! Their Moms chew the food and spit it out, and the little Ferengis eat and giggle!

Our old Queen, Ha Ha once walked square up to a rabbit (don't know what the rabbit was thinking, but, half a moment later, it wasn't thinking at all!
She had that beggar up and half eaten when boneman saw her and yelled "STOP!" (what a loud fellow that boneman can be)
Well, she stopped alright.
Leaving the rest for him, but, istead of eating it he came over with a shovel and hit its head (guess it wasn't dead, eh) and then eeeewwwwed and yukkked all the way out to the back fence where he buried it with the other critters. He said she could finish it after she was gone.

We all think she probably did, too.

We all miss the old girl.


Your posts always make me smile! I hope your'e feeling good today!!

Anonymous said...

Tell your mum I'm sorry, but I laughed throughout this post. The firm "Alpha Bitch" voice, you eating your own vomit (Mary likes that too), your mum hocking her ham across the room, and you eating it.

I hope you and your mum have recovered from your ordeals. (I'm still giggling.)

pet care tv said...

I'm glad this turned out okay. I think you'd really enjoy this pet community: MyPetCareTV.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Did your mum come out in sympathy with you, Henry, was she eating grass?!

Poor mum! And I'll bet on the fact that Henry recovered far faster than his mum? Pauvres bebes! x

darkfoam said...

haha hahah hahaha haha ..
oops, sorry, but you told the story in such a way that made me chuckle ..
glad you are not puking anymore ..
glad your mum dislodged the ham ..
glad you got to snatch it up before she could say 'LEAVE' ..

lady jicky said...

Bloody Hell Henry - its fun at your place!
See Ya!

Henry the Dog said...

Lee - yep, ham. Mum normally doesn't let me have it, but how could I resist?

Dumdad - I don't get that but mum's laughing her head off!

Lady Fi - 'waste not, want not' - absolutely. I hate waste:)

Blogdog - I think humans make too much fuss about vomit - they clean it up, we simply see it as a 'bonus' meal:)

Vodka - mum's fine thank you little cute one:)

Bryn - I knew what you meant:)

Jennysmith - we eat grass even when we don't feel sick. We're omnivores really - our ancestors would eat herbs and grass as well as meat, but we don't need to now 'cause our food has all the additives. Grass only makes me sick when I feel sick to start with. There are some theories that our ancestors would know what type of herbs, grasses etc to eat in order to combat certain diseases, infections, bacteria or to rid our bodies of parasites - like worms. We're not dumb:)

Alabama Redhead - a hero, amongst other things:)

French Fancy - wow! You are one mean Alpha Bitch. Mum's fine now. She's a bit of a 'flappy' sort:)

Blu - funny, mum calls me a bugga too, from time to time:)

Stubby - as I said before, humans simply make too much fuss about this vomiting business:)

Diane - mum is going "YUK" after reading about Sundance. I'm laughing my paws off:D

Parisgirl - I love to entertain:)

KC - yep, mum was scared, but she scares easily. She's a bit wussy.

Juliet - Uncle Hugh was around to save her if anything happened. He can do emergency stuff - well, he says he can;)

Bob & Maxwell - that is a funny story. Mum's going "YUK" again but I'm laughin' - I wondered who you two were last time, now I know. Welcome to my blog friends xxx

Sandy Dog Bakery - I'm glad I make you smile. If I make at least one person smile a day I reckon I've achieved something xxx

CSquared - I thought it was funny too, and to be honest, I think mum did when she'd had time to calm down:D (she's a bit of a flapper sometimes)

Pet Care - I'll have a look at that.

A woman of NI - no, mum doesn't eat grass. She's also just shouted over "I don't smoke it either". She's laughing. I don't get it - Dumdad started that one. You humans are weird....

Foam - mum says it was like a slapstick comedy sketch and wished she'd got it on video. She wasn't laughing at the time, I can tell you.....

Kenzo - every day is a fun day xx

J. L. Krueger said...

Glad you're feeling better. Oliver had the poops the other day. Luckily he got outside in time so his mom didn't have a mess to deal with.

Oliver and Duncan have been known to play with skunks on occasion however...never fun that!

Mickle in NZ said...

Oh Henry, what a life.

hey - cats don't always eat grass in order to vomit. Some like Zeb eat grass cos they like eating grass - and it seems to help his insides work. Vets acknowledge that some felines just like eating grass.

Hope both your own and your darling Mum's insides are working okay now.

care and huggles, have a brillo weekend, xxxx

bindu said...

Sorry to hear you were sick, Henry! But you really should listen to your mommy about not eating junk. I have a cat that vomits a lot too. And I know he's been eating things he shouldn't. But you animals are silly that way. And we have more work to do!