Friday, September 12, 2008

Hello everyone

This is my first blog and I'm really proud. I wonder if I'm the first dog to have his own blogsite? I bet I'm not. Maybe I'll meet some cute little lady dog bloggers - maybe not - mum wouldn't be pleased, she's a bit possessive.

Anyway, as you can see from my profile I decided to start a blog because mum's not giving me much attention these days. She's busy. She says it's something to do with the Credit Munch (think that's what she said anyway) and that means she hasn't got as much of that stuff these days as she used to have. That stuff that she gets my food with, and my toys. I think the stuff is made of plastic but I'm not sure.

I live in France at the moment, but I also live in Switzerland sometimes, and mum goes to the UK now and then where I was born. France is my favourite place because there's lots more dog poo to sniff, and the bread's fresher but none of the dogs can speak properly in France. Nobody has taught them 'sit', 'stay' or 'come' and gobbledygook comes out of their mouths. I can't have a proper conversation with any of them.

Well, mum said she was taking me on a long walk today, but she said that yesterday and we didn't go. She used to be very reliable, but nowadays she's very forgetful and she has a weird expression all the time - wide eyed with a huge cleft in middle of her eyebrows (that she used to eliminate with buttocks, or something like that) and she's bitten all her posh fingernails off. They weren't real, her fingernails. She used to have pretend ones put on and she would have to give that plastic stuff for them. I think she needed the fingernails so that she could have a good scratch from time to time.

Whoops, must go, mum's on her way back into the room. Will write later!!!

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