Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mum's scared of Sarah Palin

I don't understand all this politics stuff. I like being a dog. It's easy. I get fed, watered, cuddled and walked (most days) and I don't have to do anything other than wag my tail from time to time and look dead cute, which is easy. I don't have to think about the Credit Munch or who's in power. Actually I didn't realise I WAS a dog until I had my first holiday in the kennels when I was a puppy and an old Jack Russell explained it all to me.

Anyway, back to Sarah Palin - I thought she was a dog, but it turns out she's not - despite the fact that she called herself a Pit Bull. I reckon she's trying to confuse people. Maybe she is a dog after all but she's trying to pass herself off as a human. Anyway, I overheard mum talking to Uncle Hugh and she said "that Sarah Palin is really scary. She's more scary than Bush. Anyone who believes that the world was literally created in six days should never be in a position of power".

I'm a dog, right? And I know that the world couldn't possibly have been made in six days and dogs are supposed to be less intelligent than humans, so mum must be wrong - Sarah Palin can't possibly believe that, can she? Or perhaps Sarah Palin is a cat, now they are truly thick, they just pretend that they're not. They may look cool and sophisticated but believe me there's nothing going on upstairs. I've not met one cat who knows who Harry Potter is - think I've proved my point.

Anyway, back to mum being scared of Sarah Palin. I don't know why she's scared of her. I reckon mum would beat her paws down if they had a fight 'cause mum's Alpha Dog. I think it must be something to do with a man called Obama, who mum seems to like - A LOT. I've not met him yet, but she seems to think that he's dead nice. I think she's scared that Sarah Palin will get off with Obama. Maybe mum fancies him. I don't know how this Bush guy comes into it though. I thought he was a comedian because mum always laughs hysterically whenever he's on TV.

There's also someone called Mr Brown, who I think is in charge of Downing Street, but he's not very popular and whenever he's on TV mum sighs heavily and switches it off and says that the UK has gone to the dogs, which I don't think is such a bad thing.

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Write Before I Die said...

Oh, my goodness. I'll never get to sleep tonight:) I absolutely love this! I started from the beginning, and will have to read it all. Bravo!