Saturday, January 10, 2009

In memory of Lady Jicky's sweet Rosie - 2000-2009

This post is dedicated to Rosie. The very much-loved dog and companion of our blogging friend Lady Jicky. Rosie was a rescue dog and, due to years of neglect, she had lots of problems with her skin and her eyes. In the end, her problems were simply too much for her to cope with. Rosie very sadly died on Thursday 8th January and Lady Jicky is, understandably, devastated. To make matters worse for Lady J, she only recently found out that her other dog, Oscar, is also dying - of cancer.

Lady Jicky and Rosie have brightened all our blogs up with their comments – sometimes sassy, sometimes serious, sometimes thoughtful, sometimes hilarious, sometimes blunt. But Lady J doesn’t have her own blogsite, so I said I would post a tribute to Rosie, my dear friend, my dear little blogging buddy.

I’m not eloquent. I’m not poetic. I don’t do prose. I’m not a writer – not like some of you clever folk out there. So, this isn’t going to be a powerfully evocative or flowery piece, but it is from the heart.

There will be folk out there who have never had a pet and who may not understand the love and depth of feeling that folks can have for their treasured furry (or not) friends. To those, I ask you to stop and imagine how you would feel to lose your dearest, closest and most loyal pal and companion. Pets can be just that to some people. Whoever you are, whatever your experiences or depth of empathy this post carries a message that is relevant to everyone, and at the end of it I will be asking you to do something very simple, which may change your life. So please keep reading.

Rosie was ‘rescued’ by the lovely Lady J almost a year ago. Up until that point, she hadn’t had a particularly good life – Lady J reckons she spent most of it locked in a back yard with her sister. Her sister was snapped up fairly quickly, but nobody wanted Rosie because she wasn’t considered textbook ‘cute’. Luckily, she melted Lady J’s heart and the last year of her life was, finally, a very happy one and she was showered with love.

Actually, Lady J, I happen to think she WAS a cutie – so, you and me both, eh?

Lady J said that when Rosie first arrived at her house she was very fond of her old dog, Oscar, and wanted to sleep with him all the time. Yep, Rosie was a rather ‘fresh’ little lady pug (as I suspected all along) but Oscar sulked initially because his nose had been put out of joint with her ‘intrusion’ into his space. In the end, however, they became inseparable.

Rosie also had a ‘thing’ for Lady J’s husband (honestly, saucy little minx – bet she would have been a right man-eater had she been a lady). She would suck up to Lady J during the day and then as soon as her hubby arrived back from work she’d be dropped like a hot potato. Rosie would wait for him at the door and Lady J would say “Your boyfriend’s home Rosie” whereupon she’d go nuts - and the rest of the evening she’d stick to him like glue, poor Lady J forgotten.

That’s why I was nicknamed “Boyfriend”. Apparently, she used to get just as excited when visiting my blogsite;)

I first met Rosie on November 28th, when she left a comment on my post “What Floats Your Boat?” We found we had one thing immediately in common. Our doggy love of poo:

Hi Henry, I found you via French Fancy where my girlfriend Poppy is. Now , I kind of fancy a French boyfriend and your are it ! My name is Rosie and I am in Australia and its so great you asked about boat floating for my boat floater is Possum Poo! Yes - POO again. LOL Its delish , like little brown chocolates all over the backyard under the trees - free boyfriend! My Mother is not pleased for I have got my brother Oscar onto it - hell that boy has been living here for years and never cottoned onto it!I arrived here this Feb from a Pug Rescue. So - hop in a plane and come over and we shall float a boat together and wash it down with Possum Poo! Kiss Kiss

Well, it was kind of ‘love at first comment’ and Rosie became a regular contributor of fun to my blogsite. I used to look forward to her visits and would have been miffed if she’d ever passed by without stopping, which she never did. As I said, she could be a right saucy minx and often made comments about my furry chest and bushy eyebrows. I would have loved to have met her.

Only a couple of days ago Braja wrote a post about blogging friends being as dear to us as the friends we have physical contact with, and it moved me so much I featured it on my site. Actually, it was posted on the very day that Rosie died. Rather poignant, I think, that on that very day I lost a blogging buddy – my first loss.

My heart, however, goes out to Lady J for she is the one who will be feeling it the hardest, particularly as she has to contend with the fact that Oscar now has a terminal illness.

None of us know how long we’re going to live. None of us know how long our loved ones are going to live. What we do know is that all of us, one day, will experience the death of a loved one, or loved ones. Life is so fragile. So short. So precious.

I’m sad. I never got the chance to say goodbye to Rosie. I can’t remember if I told her that she was a good friend and that I really appreciated her comments and the time she spent reading my blog.

We all too often make time for the prosaic and practical elements of life, but sometimes make no time to say ‘I love you’, or ‘Thank you for being my friend’. If you can find the time to make a shopping list, do the ironing, write your blog, submit a comment on One Minute Writer, shout at your kids, grumble about your spouse, grumble about the state of the nation, then you can find three seconds to say ‘I love you’, or ‘I really care for you’, or ‘I appreciate you’, or ‘I don’t know what I’d do without you’. And do you know what? Now is the only time. Because you have no idea what the next day, the next hour, or in fact the next minute will bring.

What I would really like you to do is this. Think of all the people you love dearly. All the people you care about. All the people who you couldn’t bear to lose. And I want you to take time out today and every day to tell at least one of them how much you do care. How much they are appreciated. How much they are cherished. Because now is the time to appreciate them. Now, when they are alive.

Some of you may already do that -GOOD! WONDERFUL! HATS OF TO YOU! Some of you may think, “That’s cheesy.” or “I don’t need to, they already know.” And I say, “So what?” Tell them anyway.

And if you do turn to your loved one now and say “I love you” and they say “What on earth brought that on?” or “What are you after?” or “What’s wrong with you today?” or “What are you feeling guilty about?” Tell them that you just read something today about loss, and it made you think. Then go away and have a good look at yourself. Why were they so surprised at your outward show of verbal affection?

Do you ever want to be in a position where you lose someone and are left wishing you’d said things when you had the chance?

Because of Rosie, my mum told Uncle Hugh that she loved him today, and he looked as pleased as punch. It made her think she doesn’t do it enough.

Because of Rosie, I told mum I loved her – by looking at her as if she were a goddess, and licking her chin. She looked as pleased as punch too, and it made me think I don’t do it enough.

Thank you Rosie. Ours was a short relationship, but my life was enriched by knowing you.

And Lady Jicky – our thoughts are with you at this time. We cherish you as a friend and appreciate the time you spend reading our blogs and enriching them with your comments.

I’m on holiday now for four days, but hopefully Lady Jicky will be around to respond to your comments – as most of them, I presume, will be aimed at her anyway.

What’s been hard writing this post is using the past tense to describe Rosie.

Lots of love to you all.

Henry the Dog xxxxxx

PS: Lady Jicky is dealing with the comments whilst I'm away. See you all Wednesday. I hope.


Lee said...

Oh Poo! That is very sad. A hug, Lady Jicky, from the folk in Burwood.

Braja said...

Lady Jicky, is that you? Oh, I'm so sorry....really....a big hug from all the little cows and bulls here in Mayapur xoxoxox

lady jicky said...

Thankyou Henry's Mum for that. I contacted Mr H's Mum for I could not pretend Rosie was alive and she would be wondering what happened.
I really feel she did Rosie proud and what a wonderful post this is. I could never put that together.

lady jicky said...

Lee and Braja those hugs did me good !
Life can be like that - you get really bad news and then , boom - more of it.
We still have Oscar but he is not doing too well.

Blu said...

Oh blast I have real tears in my eyes. I know so well the sorrow when your beloved dog dies. My heart goes out to Lady Jicky. And Henry your words were wonderful and heart felt. A big hug and a lick to all dog lovers out there in blog land. From Blu and the big woofer.xxxx

Indrayani aka, Indi! said...

I can understand the pain of losing a loved dog...I have been there myself.Its like a part of your family.... ur true mute best friend is gone.
I am teary eyed too Henry..You words were touching.....
I came across Lady J just right now.. with this blog...but I wanna tell you that I feel for ...for this loss...
Hope u cope well...
Hang in there


lady jicky said...

Thankyou Blu and Indi for your kind words.
I am home alone these days alot and my dogs give me company and something to worry about besides myself.
Of course there is what Lee would call the "unconditional love" they give and sometimes in a harsh world or hard times - its worth a million dollars.

LadyFi said...

Oh Henry - that was such a lovely tribute! And you're so right - we really should tell our loved ones that they are loved more often than we do.

Lady Jicky: I'm wiping away the tears here. I am so incredibly sorry to hear about Rosie. Your comments have brightened me up no end. And I am deeply saddened to hear that your dog Oscar is now also terminally ill.

I am so happy that you made Rosie's life a happy one at the end - the compassion we show to animals reflects what kind of people we are. You are obviously a warm and loving person.

I have a dog called Oscar too whom we adopted when he was 4.5 yrs old, and I just cannot imagine what it will feel like when he goes.

But I hope that I will be able to say that my life was richer with him in it than without him. I think you can say the same about Rosie.

lady jicky said...

LadyFi , from my Oscar to yours - g'day mate!
May you have many years of happiness with your Oscar like my husband and I have with Rosie and Oscar here!

LadyFi said...

Thanks mate! And once again, Lady J - my heartfelt thoughts and hugs are with you today!

Simplicity said...

Oh Lady Jicky! I'm so sorry to read about Rosie...and now Oscar. I know how hard it is to lose a loved one...furry and not furry. It's never easy! Great big virtual hugs to you and an extra special petting for Oscar.

And and your mum are just so wonderful for your beautiful words honoring Rosie! What a great way to let somebody know they're appreciated and cared about!

lady jicky said...

yes Simplicity, didn't Henry's Mum do a great job. I feel very honoured.
Thankyou for your kind words.

Ruby Isabella said...

Lady Jicky,
I too am a rescue dog. I was lucky enough to find my forever home early in life. By the sounds of it, Rosie had a hard life but what a wonderful thing that she found a loving person later in life!
I send positive, healing vibes to Oscar.
Ruby Isabella.

Mickle in NZ said...

Lady Jicky - this is so sad. Do think of the wonder year you've given Rosie. I share my life with a rescue cat, Zebby. I wish I could say that Zeb sends care only, he's a cat - the lad is currently snoring away under a quilt.

I send you much care and many huggles.

Henry and Henry's Mum - thank you for letting your blog friends know. You've written a wonderful tribute to Rosie.

Laura Jayne said...

My heart goes out to you Lady J in this time of sorrow. To lose a friend is so very sad.

I too lost a dear friend in one of my dear furry friends this year. Willy was recused from the pound, blind, going bald, stinky and the best welcome-homer ever. Every day now when I walk through the door at the end of a long day I miss him jumping up and down in greeting. But I am comfortated by the knowledge the last year of his life, he was happy.

Thank you Henry for the beautiful reminders here. Just woke Hubby up (it is 2:30 a.m.) to tell him I loved him, didn't seem entirely pleased as punch, but I know he is inside.
Big hugs,
Laura Jayne

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Bugger! I am so sorry to hear that. Dogs are real personalities and you can miss them and grieve just as much as you do for two legged animals. Thinking of you, Lady J.

Frankie Furter said...

Lady J, I as so sorry about your dear Rosie. Possom Poo? I have a thing for Rabbit and deer myself, but I digress. Please do not lose sight of the fact that Rosie was in YOUR life for one year. You were in HER life for 7 dog years. Those must have been heaven on Earth for her, considering where and what she came from. Life is always way too short so we just pray for quality in the absence of quantity.
I was not aware that you were an Aussie dog. One of my best mates, Barney, lives in Manilla, NSW. He is staying in a canine hotel right now, as his mum is here visiting in the states. In fact she is going to be at my home tomorrow. My mum is going to cook LAMB for her. Barney's mum has not had lamb since she left home...a month ago. I thought you would understand how much she is missing her favorite meat. I will tell Barney's mum about your Dear Rosie's passing. She will also understand about the grief that comes from losing a beloved fur person. Hugs and Wags to you and Rosie's boyfriend. Sincerely, F.F.

meryl's musings said...

Because of Rosie and because of Mum's words, there's a bit more visible shows of affection around here.

Our thoughts are with you Lady J.

Meryl and KC

Stubby said...

Lady Jicky - My thoughts and prayers are with at this time of need. Rosie stopped by my blog to say hi once and even called me her boyfriend. I cannot even imagine how hard it is to lose a loved one. Mom tells me that if something happened to me she would be devastated. Please know that all of us in the blogging community will miss Rosie and think of her often.

Henry dear guy - your words really touched home with me. I told Mom how much I loved her and she kissed me all over. Thank you for your wonderful words about Rosie and Lady Jicky. Have a safe holiday.

detroit dog said...

Dear Lady Jicky,

I am so sorry about your loss of Rosie. Since I took an online test that told me my inner dog is a Pug, I feel confident in saying that you gave Rosie a great life and I'm sure she appreciated it. Thank goodness she had the opportunity to know what a good life is.

My blog Detroit Dog was created almost 2 years ago, as a way to deal with my grief of having lost by girl Bastet. Perhaps Rosie and Oscar will inspire you to blog, too.


-- Veronica

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Thankyou Henry's mum for offering that important and poignant reminder to leave nothing unsaid - That's the one thought that has comforted me in my recent family bereavements...

Lady J, our thoughts and wishes are with you and dear Osc at this time... Be strong in knowing and holding to yourself the fact that you have given those rescue woozles such wonderful lives filled with love and fun and that they returned that to you. Keep the good memories close, not the painful ones, if that's at all possible.

French Fancy said...

Ladyjickey - I've not looked in at blogland much today and I only just saw the title of Henry's post in my blogroll. I am so terribly sorry to read such devastating news - first about the beautiful Rosie and now about poor little Oscar.

You gave Rosie a wonderful year; she was treated like a princess and nobody could have done more for her than you and your husband. I know first hand how terrible it is when you lose a pet (my first bichon, Toto, died from a brain tumour a few years ago) and even though one knows one did the right thing, it is very tough to take.

Henry - this is a beautiful heart-rending post and you must have brought a tear to quite a few people. It's true, nobody knows what can happen from moment to moment and it is good to tell people and animals we love how much they mean to us.


Irish Gumbo said...

Henry: You are more eloquent than you think, and quite the good friend. I told my cats, and even they were a little misty.

Lady J: I am sorry for your loss, it is never easy losing a friend. In Rosie's honor, I offer this:

"People love to boast about their stallions;
they tell me nothing can compare to a horse or donkey---
enough!---I don't want to argue the point,
only cry for you a little."

This is an excerpt from "An Offering For A Cat" by a Sung dyanasty Chinese poet named Mei Yao-ch'en. It was about his cat who had just passed, but it is really about a good friend, no matter the species.

My condolences to you.

Poppy the bichon said...

Rosie's mummy - I wanted to say how sorry I was when I was told about the sad news. Rosie and I exchanged a few friendly words and I feel very sad.


misty the bichon said...

Poppy just told me what happened and I want you to know that Rosie knew how much she meant to you. She was a first-class pug who couldn't have been loved better by anyone nicer


French Fancy said...

ladyj - listen, maybe as a sort of therapy you could try and set up a blog. You've done the first step - signing up. Have a little look at this youtube vid on how to do it:

You could then tell us about Rosie's life and maybe go on to put pictures on it. It really is much simpler than it used to be.

Diane said...

First of all, Henry, you are indeed a writer. That was beautiful and eloquent and made me cry ridiculously big tears, which my sweet boy licked off my face.

Lady Jicky... I am so, so very sorry. I'm also so happy Rosie found you in her last year and that she was finally happy and loved. All dogs deserve to be happy and loved, as do all of us critters of the 2-legged variety. I know Rosie made you feel that way. Take care and know you are in all of our thoughts, as I think everyone who visits Henry's site does so because we have (or have had) wonderful canine companions who light up our lives. We feel your pain and though we all dread the idea of having to deal with it someday, we also know that the pure, unadulterated joy our furry family members bring to our lives is worth every tear. Much love...xo


so sorry....big hugs and licks from me, Sandy and Leeander.

Elizabeth said...

A very moving post. I'm sure it will touch the hearts of all of us who have loved and lost a beloved pet.
When people say, "Well, it's only an animal," they miss the whole point of the very real affection we feel for one another.
Well, Henry, off to be kinder to those around me....

Jennysmith said...

What a moving post. Even tho' i didn't know Rosie or Lady Jicky, H, they will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Hope you still manage to have a nice time anyway. Rosie would have wanted that.

Have given you an award by the way

lady jicky said...

Ok gang , its morning here so here goes.
Ruby Isabella -Thanks for those positive vibes. I am so glad you found your "forever home" early in life. Big cuddle.

Mickle in NZ.- Isn't it a wonderful tribute! I feel so honoured Mickle and Zebby. New Zealand is a beautiful country everyone!

Laura Jayne - I am sad to hear about Willy. He and Rosie would have been "Olympic class door greeters"!!

herhimnbryn said...

Safe journey Rosie as you set out for the 'Rainbow Bridge'......

The Rainbow Bridge (I do not know the author of this)

There is a bridge connecting heaven and hearth. It is called the Rainbow Bridge because of its many colors. Just this side of the Rainbow Bridge there is a land of meadows, hills, and valleys with lush green grass.

When a beloved pet dies, the pet goes to this place. There is always food and water and warm spring weather. The old and frail animals are young again. Those who are maimed are made whole again. They play all day with each other.

There is only one thing missing. They are not with their special person who loved them on earth. So, each day they run and play until the day comes when one suddenly stops playing and looks up. The nose twitches. The ears are up. The eyes are staring. And this one suddenly runs from the group.

You have been seen and when you and your special friend meet, you take him in your arms and embrace. Your face is kissed again and again, and you look once more into the eyes of your trusting pet.

Then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together, never again to be separated.

Much love from Bryn the blue heeler cattle dog.

Thankyou Henry and your Mum for this post.

Lady J. Rosie was fortunate to have found you.

lady jicky said...

Cosmo- Thanks for that. Missy Rose sure had personality!

Frankie Futer - Oooh Rosie would have loved your deer and rabbit poo! Yes - Poo again. LOL
Thankyou for telling me we had Ms Rose for 7 years not the 1 I have been thinking about!!
I wonder if Barney is getting his paws on some lamb in his Doggy Hotel too?LOL

Meryl's Musings - Lets keep up that affection!

Stubby - Oh she was a "hussey" wasn't she stubs! I am giving you a ciber noseroll rub as I type.

detroit Dog.- Oh veronica I was sad reading your comment . French Fancy and Henry's Mum have told me to do this blogging but I am a techo disaster, but I get tempted..

A Woman of No Importance - I am keeping the good memories close. Rosie was full of fun.

French Fancy and Poppy - I can now tell you this secret of Rosie's. She was a touch jealous of Poppy! "Mum, why would handsome Henry look at me when he could go out with pretty Poppy?" "But, Poppy is your girlfriend !" I would say and Rosie would smile and wag her pug tail. We all need Girlfriends as well as Boyfriends in our lives. I will look at your Vid. and have a think FF. Thankyou!

Irish Gumbo- Thankyou for the words of Mei Yao-chen. So true. If my Rose was here you could have written it in the chinese script for her to read for pugs come from China. Make her tail wag overtime!

Diane - Isn't that Henry a fabulous writer indeed! Thankyou for your kind thoughts Diane.

The Sandy Dog Bakery - Thankyou for your hugs Sandy and Leeander - wow, one was a fluffy hug!

Jennysmith- Exactly! Rosie would want Henry's Mum to have a lovely time away and she would have wanted her Boyfriend to have a great time at his Holiday Resort too!

lady jicky said...

herhimnbryn - Who would have thought my little pug dog would have had such a honour as this? yes we are so lucky . The internet can be a wonderful thing.
I want to thank you for writing the "Rainbow Bridge". I told my husband Rosie would be there and he did not know what I was talking about - he can now read it. I better give him some tissues.

Lisa said...

I am so sorry for Lady Jicky's loss. Rosie must have been happy while she was with you because you gave her a safe place, full of love.

lady jicky said...

Thankyou Lisa, I just wished we got to have her with us longer but in my heart I know we did the kind thing.

Frankie Furter said...

Lady J., If you have time, check out my blog today. I mentioned your dear Rosie's favorite thing...

I got adopted by my mom and dad when I was 11 mos. old. They had just lost the last of their "short hairs" after having him for 16 years. Mom still misses those that were here before me.

They left some big paw prints for me to fill.

I know that Rosie will have done the same for the fur person who is out there just waiting and hoping that you will make room for him or her. Not a replacement for Rosie, just a filler for the painful void in your life. That, as yet unknown one, needs you as much as you need it.

Licks and Wags to Oscar also. He must be so sad also.

Wild Creations said...

Sorry Lady J, we haven't met, but my thoughts are with you. My tears, I think, say it all.

Thank you Henry for reminding us all to tell those we love how we feel. I know my special man knows how I feel, but do all my friends? Something I shall now do something about.

Tickled Pink And Green said...

So sad. Pugs are the best...I have two!

lady jicky said...

Morning all.
Frankie- I know we will get another dog but not yet. I want to see out Oscar's last days. Every dog I have had was special in his/her own way - like people are too!
I am going to pop over to your blog right now!

Wild Creations - Ths is the essense of Rosies little life - tell people you love them right now.
That Henry is spot on!

Tickled Pink and Green - Pugs Rule for sure - and people never seem to be able to have just one, we had 1 and a half ! LOL Oscar is half Pug and half Maltese
Nose roll rubs for your two puggies from me!

Temple said...

Lady Jicky--hugs, prayers and puppy-dog kisses from me and Lola (well, the kisses are from Lola...)

~Marie~ said...

Lady Jicky: My thoughts and prayers are with you. Hugs to you from myself and Peanut.

Henry: Enjoy your holiday!!!

lady jicky said...

Temple and Lola - thankyou for those kisses

Marie - thankyou for the hug Marie and Peanut! I wonder what Henry is up to right now????

Frankie Furter said...

Lady J. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I left you a reply. I had such a good time yesterday with your countryperson. You Aussies are very much grrrrreat people. Vegemite is not as good a poo though. he he he

lady jicky said...

I shall be visiting alot Frankie. You have a great blog there too. Dogs are so clever!

lady jicky said...

Well, its morning here and not long after answering Frankie I went outside to check on Oscar and give him his meds but he was in a real bad way. I luckly got a early appointment and we had Oscar put to sleep. He couldn't breath and he collapsed on me again. Today the weather is going to be 100f and ...well you know.
He is at peace.

Frankie Furter said...

Dear Lady J., Oh, what a sad week you have had. My mom says that her heart is just broken thinking about it. Rosie must have been calling to Oscar. They are together and happy. I just know this is true.
What a very loving and brave lady you are. You put Oscar before yourself. I am sad for you and yet so very proud of your strength and devotion. Rosie and Oscar were so very lucky to have come into your tender care.
Blessings to you.

lady jicky said...

It was the kindest but the hardest thing to do Frankie.

Dog_geek said...

Lady J - let me add my condolences to the list. I just read Henry's lovely tribute. I'm so sorry for the loss of Rosie and for the bad news about Oscar. Bless you for giving Rosie a wonderful loving home, where she could live out her days knowing that she was loved. That is certainly no small thing.

French Fancy said...

Oh no, ladyj, oh no. I am so sad for you, really really upset.

They are together now at least and I can't begin to imagine how you are feeling. You did the bravest hardest thing that anyone who truly loves an animal will do.

I wish you were here with me right now.


Stubby said...

Lady Jicky - My little pug heart goes out to you today. I agree with the others that Rosie was calling to Oscar and that now they are together in peace.
Please me strong and take care of yourself. Visit my blog if you need a little pug fix.

lady jicky said...

Dog-geek - Rosie had nearly a year with us and like Oscar they had a safe place, full belly and love. I wish all dogs had this - infact I should say - I wish all People had this too!

French Fancy- Yes they are together now. It feels so strange when I open a door and a furry doesn't zoom in. My husband was very upset last night for they both used to sit at his feet when he was working . There was no night walk with pee mail reading and pee mail writing in reply on trees either.

Stubby - Oh Stubs I will be over at your blog right now.
Pugs are addictive and I have just lost one and a half - Oscar was a pug x maltese.

Minnie-Moo said...

Muzzle (my mum) and I just followed a link from another blog to this one and read about Rosie. We are very sorry to hear about your loss. Muzzle says dogs are very special indeed.

Alen4ik Litvinenko said...

This is an amazing piece that you wrote, straight from the heart Henry.

Sorry that its on such a sad note, but:
Award is waiting for you over here:

Come and check it out!!! Thank you for checking out my blog from time to time! :)

lady jicky said...

Minnie- Moo + Muzzle - you are so right , dogs are special indeed!

Alen4ik Litvinenko - Yes, Henry did a great job and I do congratulate him on getting this award! Wow.

LadyFi said...

Oh - Lady J! I've just read that Oscar has left you too. I'm so terribly sorry to hear about this. But bless you for giving them such rich lives filled with love.

French Fancy said...

Do you know that my mind keeps straying your way, ladyj. Even though you know you did the right thing it sure can't make their absence any easier to take.

After my first little bichon Toto died from a brain tumour I swore I would never have another dog because I didn't think I could bear the pain again. Then about two years after that Mr FF suggested we got a bichon puppy because he missed having a dog so very much. So we did -Misty -and then two years after that Poppy (Rosie's special friend) and all the sad memories of Toto went and I felt happy to have dogs again.

So my ramble is another way of saying that perhaps one day in the future you might get a chance to give another sorry little rescue a home in which they are loved to bits, just like Rosie and Oscar were

Alen4ik Litvinenko said...

Lady J, I'm so sorry to hear about Oscar. I understand how hard it is to loose someone you love. Lat year was terrible, 2 of our dogs passed away, one due to sickness and another was run over by a car. Our cat also got run over by a car and died last year. A terrible year with many losses. God be with you. Everyone is here for you!

lady jicky said...

Thankyou Alen4 Litvenenko for your post. I thought noone could believe a person could be so unlucky but what a year you had in 2008! Three of your pets!! I am so sad for you.

French Fancy - We are so upset but maybe we will get another dog. My husband is so sad and I do not want to push it yet. If you know what I mean.

SSQuo said...

I lost my dog of fifteen and a half year 2 years ago, I know the feeling. Lady J, its hard, I time though you will see as I did that its better he left since I probably wouldn't have wanted to be around if i was him and I couldn't run and play as I used to.

His memories will stay with you forever, and that's the most important thing.

lady jicky said...

Thats so true SSQuo!

Henry the Dog said...

Wow. I can't believe how many people have left comments for Lady Jicky. You are all lovely, thoughtful folk. Thank you. It is heartbreaking that Lady J has lost both of her pals in such a short space of time. Mum has emailed her.

I have only just got back - mum had a bit of an adventure, which I will tell you all about tomorrow. Tonight she needs some cuddles from me and a lot more fizzy stuff. I'm looking forward to catching up with all my favourite blogs and saying hello to you all. Until tomorrow xxxxxx

Henry the Dog said...

Jenny & Alen4ik - thanks you two for the awards will pop over to yours tomorrow and pick them up. It makes me feel like a Celeb;)