Sunday, January 18, 2009

Say hello to Lady Jicky's new pup, Kenzo.

Isn't he a sweetie? He's a Maltese x Shih Tzu and when mum first saw his photos she squealed so loudly that she made Uncle Hugh jump.

Lady Jicky decided to get another dog so soon after losing Rosie and Oscar because I think she particularly related to what French Fancy and mum said about leaving it too long between dogs, and how, with retrospect, they both felt that they should have got one sooner. Mum's hoping that Kenzo will be perfect 'diversion therapy' for Lady Jicky. I'm sure he will be.

Mum said that whenever she lost someone close to her in the past, something happened to divert her attention from her grief. Something that provided a new focus and helped her with her bereavement. When her dad died, she met Uncle Hugh, when her mum died she met someone who encouraged her to take up horse riding - something she'd always wanted to do from childhood. That same person also encouraged her to take up squash and running. She soon found that she was so phyically involved with things, she wasn't dwelling on her mum's death. When her brother died, a huge and challenging work project was placed on her desk that she had to concentrate all her efforts on. When her other dog, Sam, died she bought a bicycle - but it wasn't enough. She said that she found it more difficult to get over Sam than anyone, and she truly believes that if she'd got herself a little puppy it would have been much easier.

I think little Kenzo will definitely help Lady Jicky get over Rosie and Oscar. Hopefully, when he can write properly ('cause he's only a wee pup), he can start visiting my blog and the other doggy blogs. Look - he's already got his eye on the computer:)

I think you did the right thing, Lady Jicky. The right thing for you. Everyone's different. We all have to deal with things in our own way, don't we? Some folk don't want 'diversion therapy'. Some folk don't want to be diverted from their bereavement - and that works for them.

Mum says that if anything happens to me, she'd get another Schnauzer, but a black one, so that she's not always reminded of me. I felt a bit hurt when I heard her say that - heard her talking about me dying and getting a 'replacement'. But then again, I was talking about finding new parents in my last post, wasn't I? In case I get orphaned. Mum says she could never find another me, and wouldn't want to. But she says that love is big enough to encompass lots of folk and animals in your life - it doesn't dilute, it simply gets bigger. I think I know what she means.

Welcome to our world, little Kenzo - I'm sure you'll be much loved by everyone.


J Cosmo Newbery said...

Now Henry, you had a bit of a thing going with Rosie. I don't want you suffering any 'rebound' blues here.

Make sure that you are a good uncle to Kenzo, OK?

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Kenzo is a real charmer, and so tiny!

We shall look forward to his accounts of breathtaking puppy-life, although he won't steal the piece of our hearts that already belongs to you, Henry x As your mum says, our hearts expand to accommodate you all; that was just so clever of her to encompass all that feeling into so few words!

Lee said...

Definitely a cutie!

Mickle in NZ said...

Lady Jicky - Kenzo is lovely and utterly huggablr - and I'm not a dof person. Hope he doesn't overheat in Aussie with all that fur.

Hi Henry, what a gorgeous new blog pal Lady Jicky has given you. I'm sure you'll be a responsible older cousin to Kenzo. And show how to roll on your back in sheer joy - or did you have an itchy back? lol.

Henry's Mum and Lady Jicky - thanks for sharing these shots of wee Kenzo with us

Henry the Dog said...

J Cosmo - I did have a 'thing' for Rosie, and I won't forget her, but I believe in looking forwards. I only glance back from time to time. I think I will be the perfect role-model for little Kenzo;)

A Woman of NI - he is a sweetie, though I say it myself - I've never been mad keen on pups, they can be right little beggars, and such a handful, but I guess they're worth it xx

Lee - but will he grow up to be as HANDSOME as me? Somehow, I doubt it, but he'll be a looker, definitely a looker.

Mickle - I think you mean 'dog' person? (Henry laughs out loud). Honestly, you are funny. Actually, the little lad is already rolling, there was a little photo of him doing just that, but it was a tad blurred. xx

meryl's musings said...

I'd be sniffing Kenzo all over if I had the chance -- KC

From M -- thank you for sharing a part of Lady Jicky's journey, along with yours. You are my "pen pal" friends across the ocean that I care about.

Irish Gumbo said...

Kenzo is Kute!

And what Mum said about diversion as therapy is spot on. I know from tragedies in my own life that having that "thing" is a tremendous help;I had some unfortunate sidesteps into tremendous anger and anxiety, and writing has been marvelous in getting me back on the path.

Happy thoughts to Lady Jicky and Kenzo, he is a charmer, no doubt! Love is big enough, dear Henry, and what a lovely thing that is!

Csquaredplus3 said...

Precious Kenzo! I love the last photo with the gerber daisies. I like what your mum says about love, it being "...big enough to encompass lots of folk and animals in your life..." She's very smart. Your mum.

Welcome Kenzo!

Dog_geek said...

Awww, Kenzo is adorable, and just what the doctor ordered, I bet. I know that I could never live without a dog or two, but I also know that it hurts so much to lose one, it makes it hard to think about getting another one, even when it is probably the best thing for you.

Braja said...

Henry darling, Kenzo is cute, but you? You're absolutely adorable...that new pic of you looking mischievous...I mean, come on, don't tell me you didn't pose for's a regular front-cover of DQ (Dog's Quarterly). You da man, Henry... :)

Stubby said...

I welcome Kenzo to the world of blogging with open paws! He is very cute indeed and will soon be reading our blogs and posting comments.
I personally like diversions when I am upset, but then again I am easily diverted.
I always think that Mom is trying to get rid of me, but she says that I am irreplaceable. I think if (or when) I die, Mom will get a black pug because she is always talking about them. Since I will be dead at that point, whatever helps Mom cope is good with me. For now, I am numero uno - the top pug!

detroit dog said...

Quasar says: Kenzo is jut too cute and fluffy. Does he squeak? My Mom says they got me because I wasn't a tanned girl like Bastet (RIP); I'm a boy in a tuxedo!

LadyFi said...

Oh - isn't that Kenzo pup adorable? Really sweet! I'm so glad that Lord and Lady J have opened their hearts to another dog.

I agree with Braja when she says you look adorable in that mischievous photo. Looks like you're winking at me. You're the top dog (well, after my own Oscar, that is...)

Henry the Dog said...

M & KC - you my great friends too. I think Lady J may be in bed at the mo - it's strange having friends in different time zones isn't it?

Irish - I know you've had tragedy in your life. I think it touches everyone doesn't it? Every person deals with it the best way they can. I think Kenzo will be great for Lady J:)

Csquared - thanks for saying mum is smart - she's never thought of herself as that. Yes, Kenzo is adorable. We'll all take care of him. xx

Dog Geek - mum agrees with you. But she knows she left it too long. She couldn't live without a dog now. Not for a second.

Braja - ARE YOU BACK? Me? Front cover? Hey, why not? I can pose better than the Beckhams. I reckon if there were a doggy Vogue, I'd be there. Perhaps my own Calendar in 2010? xxxx

Stubby - I'm the same as you - numero uno at the mo and loving it. Kenzo can join our blogging doggy pack now can't he?

Detroit dog (Henry laughing out loud and nearly peeing himself)...tell Quasar to keep off and no, he doesn't squeak - ha ha ha ha...I'll never forget those photos of that monkey;) As for Bastet - I would have liked to have known her xxxx

Lady Fi - mum says she could eat him but I don't think she means that in the literal sense. And thank you - it's mum's favourite photo too.xxxxx

SSP said...

kenzo is a cutie....think of her less as a "replacement" for the others, and more as a "redistrubtion" of the love Lady Jicky has~ My auntie C redistributed her love for Chica (who was killed after Christmas), last week...and her temporary name is Chicken, until she lets them know what it is meant to be...

Lisa said...

I can see why Lady Jicky is ready to leap again so quickly. Kenzo has a face that is hard to resist.

Blu said...

Life is no fun without a dogger.

Kenzo sweet pup..I really love big dogs..however Kenzo looks a little charmer. Of course Henry you are charming n hugs Blu xxx

Blu said...

Life is no fun without a dogger.

Kenzo sweet pup..I really love big dogs..however Kenzo looks a little charmer. Of course Henry you are charming n hugs Blu xxx

lady jicky said...

Morning Henry. Hey, thats your cousin from Oz - Kenzo!
Yes we did the best thing getting a pup so soon . Our home was so empty but , not now! I have not had a puppy for 14 years and they are "full on" - which is great for its like your Mum says - I needed a distraction and he is sure it! Feeds 4 times a day, the cleaning and the crying! We love it!
Now Henry, I have never heard of a black schnauzer! Cesar says dogs live in the present - they do not worry about the past or the future and like he says - that is a good lesson we people should take onboard too. So, do not worry - just think about "now" and your next blog topic of course!
Kenzo will be going to school so he can write to you soon.
Thankyou to all the bloggers on your site for their kind comments. You do have the nicest people drop by!
Oh nearly forgot - we have always had our dogs cut back for summer. Rose did not need to but my other dogs over the years had longer hair. Its cool for the dogs and they get a new "look" to boot! LOL

Mickle in NZ said...

Yes, Henry - I need to proof read before posting. Zebby is purring in agreement. Special, individual doglets win my heart like you!

Huggles from a warm sunny Bank Holiday Monday here in Wellington. Too hot in the sun for old 7 kilo Zeb - he's flopped behind me on our bed.

Diane said...

Oh, he's adorable! I'd forgotten how 'full on' puppies could be when I got Sundance, as I hadn't had a little one in 14 years. Luckily his 'devil' phase didn't last too long. Kenzo looks too sweet to be a devil, but I know better... it's the cutest one that are the rottenest. I always told my puppies, "God made you cute because he knew he was going to make you bad!" (Though you know I mean 'bad' in the michievous sense!)

Braja said...

Henry!! Wake up!! It's Monday! And I sent you photos....

Henry the Dog said...

SSP - oh I am SO glad for your aunt. Any photos yet? Is it another chiauhaua?(Excuse spelling)I think Chicken is cool. She'd get 'Chick' for short - UBER cool:)

Lisa - too true. I reckon that if Lady J isn't careful there will be one spoiled pooch:):)

Blu - mum agrees, life isn't the same without a dog and like you, she was a 'big dog' lover. Then she got me:):):)

Lady J - hello there - big hugs to Kenzo. I bet your hands ARE full. And you're right. Us dogs normally live in the present. It's a healthy way to live. Because we only know the present don't we? The future is merely a hope xxxx

Mickle - mum and me are rather envious of your balmy weather at the mo. It's been cold and damp here. Zebby's definitely better off where he is xxx

Diane - mum's laughing in agreement. However, mum says I was a 'one-off', she said of all the puppies she's known I was simply the best AND turned into simply the cutest dog too - so there are some exceptions. PS: But she has NO IDEA what I do behind her back, hee hee hee hee.....

Braja - mum is jumping with joy. She couldn't stop squealing at the VB one sshhhhh...going to use it in my next post tomorrow xxxxxxx WATCH THIS SPACE

French Fancy said...

Good, at last I can do this. Twice yesterday I tried to leave a comment and then each time I pressed the Post button it came up with that tedious 'server problem' window. We had Mr FF's ma here for the day too so I couldn't persist, I wanted to go and be the hostess (but inside I was sorry that I couldn't leave a message sooner).

Anyway---delighted that ladyj has now got little Kenzo. You are so right, Henry. Everyone deals with grief and sorrow in their own way. He looks an adorable cutie and I hope to see him blogging soon. Maybe when he's older ladyj can show him the video link I sent of how to use Blogger.

So, mum is a Sporty Person. I'm not, I'm a Lazy Cow (except for Wii fit).


Henry the Dog said...

FFancy - (Mum & Henry laughing) no that was in 1997 when her mum died. Mum is NOT sporty now. Nowadays mum walks everywhere - that's how she's active, or the occasional exercise DVD when she's had too many unhealthy days. Her weak back made her stop riding and running. And mum says you're not a lazy cow. You are enjoying life in a relaxed manner xxxxx

French Fancy said...

I've also got to laugh. Yes. relaxed is better than lazy - although I do walk as well.I must admit that I really have to be in a walking mood which, as you know Henry, is a daily necessity with little four-legged ones around.

I hope your mum has got over the plane shock. I just can't begin to imagine how she coped and I'm sure terror like that leaves a mark for a little while

Henry the Dog said...

FFancy - between you and me, it was a shock for mum but she always tries to see the funny and positive side of things. But she does suspect she has a perforated eardrum and is going to the Drs tomorrow. Saying that she says "If the only injury sustained is a perforated eardrum then I'm the lucky one":)

Frankie Furter said...

How wonderful. Kenzo will be one of the very lucky ones. I am so happy for Lady J.. Now I will have a new Australian mate.
Kenzo is really a very cute boy. He just looks so happy already. I can tell that he is very intellegent. Just look at his face, you can see it there.
My mom knows all about Ceasar. She watches him on the TV. I don't like to see all those sad or bad dogs though. Even if they do get better by the end.
Lady J. if you read this please give my mate Kenzo a big cuddle and sniff from me.

Jennysmith said...

How did i miss this? What a lovely dog. Yes, welcome to our world, Kenzo. What joy you will bring!