Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Don't vote for the baby seal killer!

Mum says the presidential elections start today and she is really hoping that nice man Mr Obama wins. She’s never liked that Sarah Palin woman but after reading about her agreeing to shoot baby seals mum is absolutely ranting. Mum really likes baby seal cubs; they make her go ‘Aaaahhh! But Sarah Palin would like to kill them, apparently. Palin - baby seal killer.

Mum reckons anyone who gets taken in by some pranksters like that, anyone who believes that the world was created in six days and anyone who isn’t averse to killing a baby seal or two should NOT be in charge of the US. Mum says anyone who votes for the really old man, whose name I can never remember, over that nice man Mr Obama is voting for Sarah Palin because “…McCain will either snuff it before the year is out or go senile, either way a vote for the Republicans is a vote for that monster Sarah Palin…”

Ah! That’s his name. Mr McCain. That old, grey guy. Surely he shouldn’t be in charge of a country? I wouldn’t want him to be in charge of me never mind a whole country. I wouldn’t want to rely on him to remember to feed me my breakfast and dinner. As for that Sarah Palin, she’d probably shoot me and use my hide to made a handbag. Scary! I'll have nightmares now.

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