Friday, November 7, 2008

What'll be the next dog at the Whitehouse?

Apparently the REALLY big news at the pinnacle of these historic happenings in the US isn’t about what nice man Mr Obama is going to do now that he is the president of the world, it is about what type of dog he’s going to buy Obama - which puppy should he buy?. Very sensible if you ask me. Get the wrong dog and you’re buggered in my view. I mean, he ain’t going to get a Scottish Terrier is he? Not after Mr Bush became the most unpopular president in the history of the world. Or a chocolate Labrador. Not after Mr Clinton’s very embarrassing escapades made him the president who was the butt of the most jokes ever. No.

Boxers are out – they slobber and they’re really, REALLY, manic. Most of them suffer from ADHD. I mean, it wouldn’t sit still whilst dad’s giving a press conference would it? A boxer would be running amok amongst the journalists wanting to play 'tug' with their microphones.

Springer Spaniels are out – they are nutty. Definitely a screw loose and ALL of them suffer from ADHD. They need 48hrs exercise every day otherwise they run riot. They also shed horribly, not good for men in dark suits.

Border Collies – they need 100hrs exercise a day and at every press conference they’d be trying to ‘herd’ the journalists into a pen. They shed – ditto above.

Chihuahuas or any type of teacup dog would be embarrassing. Mr Obama would be compared to Paris Hilton – not good!

Rottweillers – too macho an image - although if truth be known they’re really as soft as brushes and are very very thick, but only us dogs know that. They put on this macho front because inside they are girlies quivering in their thick hides – they’re scared of everything. I’ve seen off many a Rottweiller and I only come up to their knees.

Pit Bull – no way – no comment necessary (Palin???)

I don't think he could go wrong with a Schnauzer. We come in a variety of sizes and colours and we don’t shed. A mini one like me would be perfect. We generally travel well and we are entertaining and intelligent. If Mr Obama were really smart he could get one to do his blog for him couldn’t he? Sorry Mr Obama, I’m taken. I wouldn’t leave my mum for all the dog biscuits in the world but there are plenty Schnauzers out there who are almost as great as me.


Cheri Block Sabraw said...

Hi Henry,
I am Dinah, energetic motivation behind Cheri's Blog. I absolutely loved this post (Labradors are VERY smart),especially your recognition that Rotties are really sweet but encased in those big bods.

I nominate a Yellow Lab for President Obama. The first year will be Hell but I think his family is up to the challenge.

I ate a squirrel this week and totally disgusted my mum, Cheri.

Dinah Block Sabraw

Henry the Dog said...

Hello, nice to hear from you. I know I've been a tad scathing of Labradors' intelligence in the past. It's 'cause I'm a bit jealous because mum used to have a black one called Sam who, according to her, could do NO wrong. Huh! I bet! Anyway, thanks for visiting my site - I visit yours too.

squirrelmama said...

Hi Henry, greetings from the other side of the Pond. I think the strongest bets are going with the Obamas getting a poodle (not sure if a full French poodle, however) yet I have to wonder if they might want to consider a PIT BULL, considering all the comments made during the nastier parts of the presidential campaign about "a pit bull with lipstick."
Despite the natural beauty and intelligence of purebreds (such as yourself!) I would hope the Obamas would set a humane example for the rest of the nation (and the world) and adopt a mixed breed from a shelter, or an animal that would otherwise have been euthanized.

meili_lo said...

this is funny! a dog blogging is unbelievable! i like the idea...hmm... maybe i'll ask my fish if they want to blog sometime =)

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Cheri Block Sabraw said...

I think Squirrelmama makes a very good point. I am sorry that I told everyone I ate a squirrel in my last post. There are some things the world does not need to know, right?

Dinah Block Sabraw

Anonymous said...

Hi Dinah, you were just doing what dogs do. I'm sure nobody holds that against you. Except, perhaps the squirrel!!!!! Love your mum's blog by the way.