Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mum's a born worrier.

My mum is a worrier. I wonder what makes humans worry? I never worry about anything. What do have I to worry about? I get everything I want - sometimes just before I even want it! It's as if mum has ESP or something the way she can do that. Just before I think "I'm hungry" .....dah daaahhhh.... hey presto my food appears! How does she do it?

Mum worries about not having enough plastic, mum worries about the Credit Munch, mum worries about her work, mum worries about her health (Uncle Hugh calls her a 'highpokondriak' or something like that, mum worries that she drinks too much, mum worries that she eats too much, mum worries about the ironing piling up (I mean - get a life!), but mum worries about Uncle Hugh more than ANYTHING.

When Uncle Hugh is away in his flying car or his flying van she worries and worries and worries. I think I told you he went to Switzerland with his friend Le Fred, well he's due back today and so I know she'll be worrying about him. When he's away if Uncle Hugh doesn't ring mum to say he's back on the ground she starts to worry. She phones him about every five minutes and says "...his phone's still switched off Henry. He should be on the ground by now. He told me 1pm.....". So then what she does is she TRIES HIS PHONE AGAIN!!! I mean, I don't want to be awful, right, but if something bad has happened...........he won't answer his phone will he? So why does she try it again, and again, and again???????

Sometimes she gets really stressed and she starts looking on the Internet and she'll type "light aircraft crashes in France" in Google search engine and start searching for news about crashes and things. Then she'll stomp up and down and say stuff like "...I'm sick of this bloody flying business. If he's not dead I'll kill him when he FINALLY rings me....I don't need this stress....I don't need this worrying...". THEN, when he DOES ring she says - all sweetness and light -"...hello Sweet Hart, how are you? Are you alright? Are you having a good time?" I CAN'T GET MY BREATH! I look at her in a disbelieving way. She never EVER tells him that she worries herself STUPID. She merely asks him if he's had a good time. It's ME who has to cope with her constant fretting. It knackers me. Why doesn't she simply ask him to stop going up in his flying car?

I guess she doesn't tell him to stop because when he gets back he's all excited, like a big puppy. And he ain't no puppy, believe me. And I can tell that mum likes him to be all excited. And she listens very patiently to his stories about his flying and the adventures he's had and she gets all excited when he gets excited, and she smiles a lot.

Humans are so complex.


detroit dog said...

It always amazes me how dogs don't worry about anything except Mom and Dad leaving, and when is Mom or Dad coming home, and...where is that squirrel?

Funny, though, that they always appreciate hearing about what's on our minds.

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Just give mum a big, sloppy kiss, and she'll feel better :)

Such creativity, your blog. Must publish book!

Henry the Dog said...

Detroit dog - it's great being a dog if you have the right owners!

Every photo tells a story - I wish I'd written a book about a young boy with a scar on his forehead:)

meili_lo said...

hi there blogging dog =D thanks for ur comment on my blog.

anyways,i tagged u here: (would be nice to get to know u better, let me know if u reposted it ok?)


French Fancy said...

mums, eh?