Friday, November 14, 2008

Fancy a Second Life?

It’s quite bizarre what gets into the news these days don’t you think? Check this out Online affair prompts divorce

After reading that I went and had a look at this Second Life thingumajig and it’s got me all confused. I’m a dog, so I’m not supposed to be particularly smart at the side of you humans but am I right in thinking that people are actually paying REAL money for VIRTUAL land? Check this Land & Pricing and this Second Life Land Auctions.

?????????????????????????????? I am quite speechless. I thought you humans were supposed to be smart, but it turns out that there are around fifteen million folk who are prescribing to this Second Life. As you know, I can only count to ten but fifteen million sounds like a lot of tens to me. There must be someone somewhere rubbing his or her hands, getting seriously rich and having a huge laugh at the expense of lots of humans. Or am I simply being a numpty? Is this the way forward? Perhaps this really is the future. Apparently, this Second Life has its own financial system and virtual stock market that isn’t failing. There’s no looming recession on Second Life. Perhaps mum should simply stop this life and start another one on Second Life, then she wouldn’t have the Credit Munch to worry about and she’d stop worrying about having enough plastic or having to go back to the UK. Then again, if she started Second Life, she might also decide to get a virtual dog. And where would that leave me? Imagine her getting a virtual French Bulldog? AAAGGGHHH! And calling it Chloe? Even louder AAAGGGHHH! And she might decide to get a virtual partner who isn’t as much fun as Uncle Hugh.

What would happen to me if mum got a Second Life? What would happen to Uncle Hugh? Perhaps I could start a Second Life too. But would virtual walks be as interesting as real ones? Would virtual dog poo still smell good? I certainly wouldn’t miss the rain. I reckon virtual rain wouldn’t be as wet. What about virtual food? Virtual toys? Virtual treats? A new virtual mum? Oh no! The thought makes me shiver in my skin. I LOVE MY MUM. I wouldn’t swap her for a virtual one, not for all the bones in the world. I think I’m going to wipe my history off the computer so that mum doesn’t find Second Life and think it’s a good idea. After all, I’m still in the dog house after yesterdays escapades – and it’s not a virtual one.


Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Well, sometimes, I think the "internet" has already become a "Second Life" for many people.

The old saying, people are sheep, is too true...

meili_lo said...

hi there.

thanks for ur comment on my blog. u always make me smile =D

question: if i don't revert back to my old blog look, will u stop following my blog? =( because if you would, it would really make me sad... somebody commented that my blog (with the old look) was too "girly" so some guys didn't like to join in the comments. i had to change it to make sure i cater to both male and female readers... humans & dogs =D so i hope you will still follow my blogs ok? maybe after a few days you'll get used to the new look and you will feel at home navigating it...


French Fancy said...

Hello Henry - I have two bichons who would probably fall in love with you

Henry the Dog said...

Every Photo tells a story - you are right, of course.

Meili-lo - don't be daft, of course I'll keep following!!

French fancy - hello, perhaps you can post some photos of your dogs on your website. Bichons are cute!