Friday, November 28, 2008

What floats your boat?

I told you a while back that mum got excited about bits of dust being smashed together CERN gets mum excited – I know, I know, bless her – it’s rather tragic isn’t it? Getting excited about dust. Especially as the machine that was going to smash the dust together broke before it actually did it – a bit of an anti-climax, don’t you think? She really does need to get out more. Perhaps it’s her age. Oh well, I’m digressing. I ask what floats your boat because I find it intriguing – what people like to do with their time, or what people get passionate about. So many different things appeal to so many different folk.

Some folk like to throw themselves out of flying cars with a rucksack on their back that’s got a big silk tablecloth type of thing stuffed in it. Some folk like to throw themselves off of high places with a big elastic band attached to their ankle. Some folk like to drive really really fast round and round and round a circuit until they’re dizzy. Some folk like to jump off mountains with a big kite attached to their back. Some folk like to knit.

I get excited about smells. By sniffing a piece of poo I can tell a) what type of animal it came from, b) what sex it was, c) what it had for its dinner, d) whether or not it is suffering from any vitamin or nutrient deficiencies, and e) if it’s got worm or some other parasite infestation. That’s why it’s really important for us dogs to smell our own poo, but humans don’t realise that and simply go “Ugghh….will you STOP doing that!” at least that’s what my mum says when I try to smell mine.

Uncle Hugh gets passionate about flying in his flying car, whereas this flying business doesn’t do anything for my mum. Uncle Hugh sometimes flies to the UK in his little flying car. It takes HOURS and HOURS and HOURS. There are no toilets or nice ladies selling stuff and he could get there much quicker and cheaper by going Ryanair or Easyjet, (which is what mum mutters under her breath when he’s talking about doing it) but he still likes to do it, because it excites him.

As well as colliding dust and Top Gear, mum gets excited about walking, trees, flowers, and stuff like that. In the autumn, she gets very giddy. She’ll start shrieking and jumping up and down and pointing and saying “…look at the colour of those leaves Henry…LOOK….LOOK..” and I’m thinking “Yes, they’re orange…and? Helllooo!!!” I do worry about her. I wish she’d get excited about normal stuff. Why can’t she get excited about handbags or shoes or frocks like her friends do? But no. Dust and leaves… dust and leaves! I shouldn’t be too critical. I guess if we were all the same it would be a pretty boring old world wouldn’t it?


Lee said...

Henry! That is a broad ranging sort of question! I guess a quick answer is blogging, as I have eight of them. (Though even your nose wont find four of them). They give me soap boxes to stand on and shake an angry fist at a largely uncaring world on issues that puzzle or annoy or even amuse me.

I also love art and craft stuff. (Memo to self: remember you promised to paint again soon.) Last crafty thing was a stained glass window.

Cooking, not baking, cooking meals. I have done a three course candle lit dinner every Saturday we've been home for the last 28 years.

Make of that what you will.

Henry the Dog said...

Lee - I love blogging too - largely for the same reasons as you. I follow a few of your blogs but perhaps the others would be a bit too much for a little dog:) As for what interestst you - wow - am impressed - I mean, a watercolour is one thing but a stained glass window.... As for cooking - I reckon that must add up to a fair few candle-lit dinners - your partner must be well impressed with you.

Lee said...

Actually, for me, a stained glass window is far easier than a watercolour painting. I tend towards acrylics when I paint.

I haven't counted the dinners but it seems to keep Margaret happy so it is time well spent.

French Fancy said...

Dogs and poo - they really go together don't they, Henry?

Hmmm, what excites me? Well, I find music really transforms me into quite an excited gushing person. I listen to lots of different music and I like it to be loud. This sometimes leads to a few disagreements in the house because 'no, it is not the same listening to it with the headphones on'. My dad was a musician and music was always part of our life at home - maybe it's because of that.

I also love a rainbow and can watch one fade for quite a long time - I go into a kind of daydream whilst it is there. In fact I can daydream without one as well.

Henry the Dog said...

Lee - I take your point as regards the stained glass. I still think you must be dead clever. On the cooking front - my Uncle Hugh does all the cooking too - he says it relaxes him. It certainly relaxes mum.

French Fancy - poo's not such a bad thing, it's just you humans who are squeamish about bodily functions. I guess listening to music with a headphone on is a bit like trying to smell an intriguing smell whilst wearing a surgical mask. What type of instrument did your dad play?

meili_lo said...

yep, it would be boring if we were all the same =)

anyway, today i finished tracking the bloggers comments on my site and I am pleased to announce that there are only 2 posts in my blog that you haven't commented on. for that i am grateful...

just incase you want to go back and post your comment, here are the blogs:

you and 3 others are on the same status:

thank you so much! it means a lot to hear from you =)

French Fancy said...

Henry, doesn't my comment make me sound like a selfish old cow (don't answer that).

For most of the day Mr Fancy is down in our office in the basement; it's soundproofed - as much to keep me from hearing the films he has on in the background whilst he is working, as to protect him from my noise. It's just when he comes up for 'relief' (either bathroom or appetite) that the noise hits him, I'd never disturb him whilst he is working. He is in the UK atm on biz and I've got the Killers new Cd blasting away through the house (it's fantastic - reminds me of Duran Duran crossed with Pulp).

My dad was a band leader,song writer, musical arranger and pianist. He also used to write for Melody Maker. I miss him a lot (and my mum).

Henry the Dog said...

French Fancy - mum likes the Killers, she was also a big fan of Duran Duran & Pulp, she had big hair too apparently. She listens to music in her car and has it very loud. She's listening to Snow Patrol at the mo. Trouble is, when mum likes something she plays it over...and over...and over... and over again -ad nauseaum. I wonder if that's why I vomited yesterday?

Your dad sounds as if he were an interesting & talented guy, mum used to read Melody Maker. Mum misses her own mum and dad too. I never knew them. They were gone long before I arrived.

Henry the Dog said...

Meili-lo, will leave my comments on your blog as soon as I get back. Mum's taking me out in the car:)

French Fancy said...

I think your mum and I have a lot of the same cds, Henry. I also like to hear something over and over again when I like it. This is the first Killers CD I've heard, but I think I'm going to order their first two now.I think their name put me off - I thought they were going to be a 'harder' sound than I liked. They also remind me of early Springsteen and I loved Born to Run

Taz said...

I agree with you, poo is important! That's partly why I started my blog, because if we humans can make fruit and veg the biggest part of our diet, it gives us a good, regular spring-clean from the inside out, like cleaning the house. What goes in needs to come out and it takes a lot of nasty stuff with it and examining our poo will tell us everything about what's going on in our bodies, like going through rubbish bins will tell you all about the person living in a house. Though as a human, I wouldn't recommend eating our poo. Or going through people's rubbish bins. But it is, if you'll excuse the pun, important to know your shit!

Henry the Dog said...

French Fancy - I'm glad it's not just mum who plays stuff over & over, I thought it was her age;)

Taz - you talk a lot of sense. Mum loves her veg and what she calls pulses and grains and stuff like that. Even I eat lentils from time to time. They're not bad. Mum's a huge lentil fan. She does eat meat, but not as often as Uncle Hugh. Uncle Hugh will often make her a chunky veg soup, whilst he cooks himself a rare steak!

herhimnbryn said...

G'day Henry,
At last, at last a post about the importance of poo!
The so called 'Alpha female' in my house, always tell me not to smell poo, she just doesn't get it. She like flowers and trees like your mum and when I take her for a walk she doesn't understand that I have to seek out the poo and have a sniff. Also, Henry I have to check out the 'wee-mail' on EVERY bush, stone and power pole. How the hell am I going to find out what's going on in my neck of the woods if I don't do this?

Still, she does take some pretty good pics of me, no offense mate, but like you I can look verrry handsome when I'm out walking;)

Nice to meet you.

Catch ya later. Bryn,(The bold)Cattle Dog.

Henry the Dog said...

herhimnbryn - I'm so with you on the 'wee' mail. Mum can't understand why I simply have to cock the old leg so many times - they're quite smart those humans, but they can't quite grasp it can they? They simply aren't there yet. In time, perhaps. Yes, aplogies for the photos, mum doesn't 'do' photos. Hope you keep hanging around, us dogs blogging dogs should stick together:)

lady jicky said...

Hi Henry, I found you via French Fancy where my girlfriend Poppy is. Now , I kind of fancy a French boyfriend and your are it !
My name is Rosie and I am in Australia and its so great you asked about boat floating for my boat floater is Possum Poo! Yes - POO again. LOL
Its delish , like little brown chocolates all over the backyard under the trees - free boyfriend!
My Mother is not pleased for I have got my brother Oscar onto it - hell that boy has been living here for years and never cottoned onto it!I arrived here this Feb from a Pug Rescue.
So - hop in a plane and come over and we shall float a boat together and wash it down with Possum Poo!
Kiss Kiss!

Henry the Dog said...

Well hello Rosie, or should I say "bonjoor" or even "onshontay" (they are both french words - just in case you were wondering - I'm learning see). I've always fancied seeing Australia but am a tad worried about being upside down all the time. One of my fave bloggers, Lee, is from Oz and apparently everything is topsy-turvy - it's spring for you guys at the mo isn't it? I would love to smell some Possum Poo. Mum said she had possums living in her roof when she lived in Australia - it's one of the reasons I want to travel more - to sample different animal poo. Keep visiting my blog and who knows, one day we may be able to sniff each others bottoms:)

meryl's musings said...

Thank you, Henry, for explaining to my landlord why I have to sniff, and sniff some more, whether it be my poo or someone else's. They're always yelling at me too -- maybe not so much now.

Thanks, Henry, for coming to my blog. It is just awful that shoppers get so worked up a tragedy could happen like at Wal-Mart. Please don't judge all of us on the stupidity of a few.

French Fancy said...

Oh, Henry, you little flirt. Now you've got a lady friend upside down in Oz.

(waves at lady jicky, rosie and oscar)

Poppy the bichon said...

me again, ask mum if she has her email notification on when comments are left. My mum said she has left comments all over the place - she's been investigating you, Henry. (can you please make my mum give me thirds, not just seconds)

Henry the Dog said...

Poppy - no I don't always have email notification - sorry:( I'm a bit thick about things like that will have a look back and see what I've missed. And don't get jealous, Rosie and I aren't an item (yet).

MM - tell your Landlord that I never judge anyone. I'm not judgemental. I like everyone, unless they're nasty, then I simply steer clear.

Monkeybean said...

Hrmmm.. what gets me excited? Well for starters I love cute puppies, especially brand new baby puppies! I get to see them all the time when they come in for their checkups, and of course kittens too! I also love post-it notes.. omgsh.. I love how they come in all different colors, and shapes and you can stick them anywhere.. I know weird.. and christmas shopping for other people gets me excited. I love love love giving gifts. and that is about it at the moment.. lol

lady jicky said...

Bang a gong Henry we are ON!

I just hope you are not a "player" - I have heard about you French Men - so tell me boyfriend - is Poppy just a "friend" or do I have some competition???
Poppy - you know girlfriend that you can come down under and sample Possum Poo too - just keep your paws off Henry! LOL

Henry the Dog said...

Rosie - remember, I'm not French. I'm British - so no need to worry about that. Poppy is one cute chick, can't say any more than that;)

Monkeybean - my mum goes all stupid when she sees puppies, ga ga rubbish spills from her mouth and her voice gets all squeaky. As for post-it comment!

herhimnbryn said...

Hey mate, I DO think yr Mum has taken some great pics of you. I Do!

Henry the Dog said...

herhimnbryn - nah! She's crap at photos. She took 360 when she went for a holiday in NZ and there were only six of them worth looking at. That was 1998 LBM (Life Before Me) and she's not taken any since. You would put her to shame. Your photos are lovely.