Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What'll be the next dog at the Whitehouse #2?

I was surfing the net yesterday 'cause mum had things to do and Uncle Hugh's gone to Switzerland with his friend Le Fred for a few days in his flying van. He wanted to take mum and me but she said "no way, we are not going in That Thing until you've got a few more hours under your belt" . So it seems the flying van is called That Thing too. His flying car was called That Thing. I'm starting to think that mum calls anything that flies "That Thing"! Anyway, I started surfing the net and I found some really interesting blogsites. One is all about squirrels. Mum likes squirrels. Actually, mum likes all things living. She's mad, mad, mad about animals and stopped me from chasing them from being a very young puppy. She won't even let me chase the little lizards that are EVERYWHERE in the summertime and not being able to chase them makes my paws tingle. It's not fair. I'm a dog for goodness sake. I was born to chase. Unlike lots of girlies mum even likes spiders. When she's driving she often swerves to avoid slugs that are on the road (there are lots of big orange ones in this part of France). She doesn't like squashing them. I often think that it's a bit dangerous swerving in her car and that I'd rather she squash a slug than me, but there you go, the roads are reeeeaaallly quiet in these parts and I can't stop what she is.

Anyway, I'm digressing, I found this website about squirrels because where I live here in France there are some very tiny red squirrels with great big tufty ears and some very, very dark coloured squirrels with white chests and I wanted to know what types they were. Well, this very nice person on this squirrel blog told me that there are lots of variants of squirrels all over the world. I honestly didn't know that. But then, I am merely a dog. I thought there were red or grey - period!

Another thing, I didn't realise that there were dogs in the world that are unwanted, but there are. This squirrel person blogger has left a comment on my site saying that Mr Obama should choose a dog from a shelter, or one that would otherwise be euthanized. I felt a bit bad reading that. After all, my mum didn't get me from a shelter. I wasn't waiting to be euthanized. Mum chose me because she wanted a dog that looked the total opposite of her old dog, Sam, so that she wouldn't be reminded of him (because she misses him masses and that makes me dead jealous), and she chose me because I don't shed, because Uncle Hugh is a bit allergic to dogs that shed. However, if she'd have given it a bit more thought I guess she could have found all those qualities in an unwanted dog. But then, who would have been my mum if mum hadn't chosen me? Or would I have been born at all? Should I have been born at all? It has put my little brain into a bit of a dilemma. I don't like the idea of unwanted dogs in shelters waiting to be euthanized. It's simply not right. But it's not us dogs fault is it? It's the humans fault. So, I guess Mr Obama SHOULD definitely set an example and get a shelter puppy or dog. Perhaps I'll write to him. He seems like a nice man, he seems like the type of guy to listen to other folks' opinions - that's what the people in the US are hoping anyroad.

So thank you Mr or Mrs Squirrel man for making me think. What you and many others do for animals is a truly fine thing and there are too many folk like you who go unnoticed in this world and who don't get enough credit or publicity. Folk are too busy idolising vacuous celebrities instead of the real heroes like yourselves who make a difference.

A couple of blogsites by folk who care about animals and who make me feel humble:
Grey and Red, A Squirrel Journal
The Dog House


detroit dog said...

Henry, You are too cute! I love Schnauzers (well, all dogs, really). I think the white house should get a Schnauzer!

BTW, I thought I was married to "Hugh Bastard!"

Thanks for following my blog. :-)

Stevie G.B. said...


translation: gimmie food

meili_lo said...

i can't help but smile as i read this blog...it seems like you're really airing out the sentiments of a dog! =D hihi

anyways, thanks for droppin' by my blog and posting ur comment. got an interesting question, i wonder if dogs prefer bath in the morning or at night...so pls. visit ok?

thanks again!

Henry the Dog said...

Detroit dog - I agree - Schnauzers are fab. Will keep following your blog.

Stevie - my sentiments exactly.

Meili-lo - have already posted.