Sunday, November 23, 2008

On holiday for four days

And I'm really excited. I've packed my things - my best bed, my two favourite toys, my food (of course) and I'm also going to smuggle my 'Beginner's French' book in with me. Mum treated me with 'spot on' yesterday so that I don't get fleas and when she was talking to Uncle Hugh I'm sure I heard her mention Claire. Ugh! That means I'm going to get clipped too. That's the downside. See you soon.


Lee said...


Mickle in NZ said...

Isn't it a bit cold over there to be shorn?

Hope Mum has a happy holiday too.

Dumdad said...

Bon voyage!

Cindi said...

I have nominated you for a Marie Antonette award...congrats..

French Fancy said...

Henry, sorry I'm late with the happy holiday message but...happy holiday from the girls and me. I know mummy will be thinking about you lots and lots.

French Fancy said...

Hello again absent Henry. Look. my blog pal nikki crumpet also has a schnauzer and there's some great pics here

meili_lo said...

hope to see your holiday pics when you're back =) the bloggers will surely miss you! hihi

French Fancy said...

Henry - we all miss you.

Henry the Dog said...

French Fancy - it's good to be back. I know that mum will simply LOVE nikkicrumpet's site. However, am embarrassed to say that her schnauzer puts me to shame. I'm not nearly as well groomed as him, even after my clip - mum has stopped having me schnauzer clipped, she likes my head 'rounder' and I end up looking as if I've got the head of a Westie,the body of a schnauzer and legs like a shaggy something or other:) Must get some up-to-date photos on here.

Lee - Dogback!!

Mickle - yes brrrrr - was minus four this morning. But my coat is dense even when shorn and our house is nice and cosy.

Dumdad - mairrsee! I've been doing my studies - will tell you all about it later.

Cindi - thankyou, I'm honoured.

Meili-lo - as soon as I'm unpacked I'll visit your blog:)

Chase said...

Henry, great to make your acquaintance.

Have you made it out to Taiwan yet, on your holiday excursions?
I've been here a few months now, and they've got a nice place near the big park called "Dog is Top" (that's funny engrish for "Top Dog" ...i think)
Anyways, I've toured the place... it's a pretty high class salon/spa for plush pups like you.

The park its near is called "People's Park" but there are a lot of dogs there, too. I think you'd like it.

Look me up if you happen this way,
the Friendly Drifter

Henry the Dog said...

Hi Chase, thanks for popping by. No, Taiwan sounds as if it is a LONG LONG way away. Mum might have been there though - I laughed about the name of the park - that's sharp! Keep drifting by. I'll pop over to yours after my walk.