Saturday, November 15, 2008

Why don't mums trust dads?

I found out this morning that I’m going on holiday next Sunday for a few days because mum’s going back to the UK. Uncle Hugh and mum had an argument. He said “…don’t you trust me to look after him?”. She said “…no I bloody don’t. Mum's away so the boys will play!! The last time I went away you took him up in That Thing….Uncle Hugh has a flying caryou fell to sleep on the sofa after eating and drinking all day leaving the poor little mite plaiting his legs because he was probably dying for a peeThe boys are still playing!you don’t take him for proper walks and you feed him Haribo Jellies….”. Uncle Hugh opened his mouth, then closed it again. I guess he thought that mum was right. But what’s wrong with being taken up in That Thing? What’s wrong with falling asleep on the sofa? What’s wrong with him feeding me Haribo Jellies? They're not exactly hanging offences are they?

It seems that mum isn’t the only woman who doesn’t trust her guy to look after the children. I know I’m not a child, but mum treats me like one. Check this out Why don't we trust dads?. I think mum’s being a bit unfair on Uncle Hugh, after all the last time she was away nothing bad happened to me and we had a GREAT time. It’s great when it’s all lads together. I love going to the place where That Thing lives and playing with Le Fred and the other guys. Oh well. I think that mum's a teensy weensy bit of a control freak - although she'd deny it vehemently.

The place I go for my holidays is cool too. It’s run by James and Jane who are dead nice. I really like James, he plays with me. It’s a place where I get my very own kennel, which is heated, and my very own big play area and sometimes I’m allowed to play in a big field with other dogs – but only lady ones because I start fights with male ones (it’s just the way I am). So I’m kind of ok either way, but Uncle Hugh is now sulking and mum is huffing a lot. I wish they’d be more ‘adult’ sometimes. Life’s simply too short.


Dumdad said...

Hi Henry,

Thanks for trotting over to my place. You gave Scabby the cat quite a scare and she dashed up our cherry tree just to be on the safe side. I'm sure you wouldn't have chased her.

Bon weekend!

Henry the Dog said...

Dumdad - mum doesn't let me chase cats. In fact mum doesn't let me chase anything. I may as well not be a dog.

Bon weekend too, whatever bon means. Hold on....have I just learned a lerrfransay word????

Shannon Jacobyansky said...

Henry...we love you! Well except Klarabell our cat, she thinks she is more posh than you being a dog species and all. Don't take it personal...she's like that with everyone.

Henry the Dog said...

Hello Shannon - thank you. I know that cats look down their noses at us dogs - they think they're uber cool, but us dogs know different. It's all a huge facade to cover up the fact that their brains are really, really tiny - except for Klarabell's, of course:)

Mickle in NZ said...

Henry - thank you for visiting blogwise.

Zebby is a rescue cat that has had a rotten time in the past. Now he is with Mickle for the rest of his life - yes, spoilt incredibly. And Zebby loves me, wants to be with me, lounge beside me and to wack me in the face (when I sleep in- is often)

Hope your Mum gives you heaps of walks and snuggles, huggles from Mickle in NZ

Mickle in NZ said...

p.s. don't believe that about Scabby Cat in Paris - Scabby isn't a cat to mess with. Determined and concise - you have been warned, be glad you're not a wee frog.

French Fancy said...

Henry, it seems that whatever happens you're in a win win situation. When you're with Uncle Hugh good things happen to you and when you stay with James and Jane all these good things happen to you. Wherever you are I just know your mum is going to miss you and worry about you, 'cos that's what us mums do.

Henry the Dog said...

Mickle - it makes me feel humble when I hear about folk rescuing animals (French Fancy included). Such a lovely thing to do. Hope your Zebby doesn't take it to heart when I diss cats - it's what us dogs do!

French Fancy - when dogs have good owners I reckon they're always in a 'win win' situation. Your Bichons are seriously cute.

meili_lo said...

well i hope you can show her your blog and tell her that when you're with your uncle, you're in good hands =D