Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Why don't the Brits like success?

Mum was talking to Uncle Hugh yesterday and she says that there is a big problem with people in the UK. She says they love to hate successful people. She says that they wouldn’t mind them being successful that much as long as they weren’t paid anything for it. Apparently there’s a lovely young man called Mr Hamilton who drives cars really fast for a living and he’s now the bestest driver in the world (I thought mum was). But still there are people in the UK who don’t like him because he is paid a lot of money. Hamilton can't do anything right!

This driving really fast business must be very dangerous. I know that if you drive really really fast and then are stopped really really suddenly it can be very bad for your health because God Clarkson said so. So I reckon that this Mr Hamilton man deserves to be paid lots and lots of money for driving faster than anyone else in the world. He deserves to be paid MUCH more than £10 a year for that. So why do some British people not like him? Maybe they’re jealous – a feeling that is peculiar to humans. We animals don’t understand this jealousy thing.

It’s the same with God Clarkson. He’s paid a lot of money – more than £10 a year. And I know that God Clarkson makes mum laugh and makes lots of people happy but apparently there are some people who don’t like him and they want him to stop being God. Mum says “…they choose to take him too seriously because they want a reason to despise him - because he’s successful and rich with it. The Brits can’t stand successful people. It’s a huge failing. Other countries embrace them and applaud them. The Brits despise them...” That’s probably why Mr Brown is the boss of Downing Street – because he’s not very successful. The Brits obviously like him ‘cause he’s crap at his job, can’t drive very fast and can’t make people laugh.

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