Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I deleted my last post because it upset Lady Jicky

Just to let you know that I deleted my last post 'cause Lady Jicky & Rosie were upset by the howling puppy.

I'm pretty mortified because I don't want to upset anyone - it is absolutely the last thing I want to do. I'm very sensitive to how people react to what I post. I agree with Lady Jicky and Rosie that it's not good for folk to make animals do 'cute' things just for entertainment. However, in my defence I didn't think that the little pup was doing anything unnatural at all and did not look distressed in any way (I would not have used the footage if he had). He seemed to be joining in with the pack 'howl' - something I have done many times - particularly when I was a puppy. My mum finds any form of animal cruelty abhorrent and it goes without saying that I do too.

Today I realised that it is so easy to upset folk without any 'mens rea' whatsoever. To those I have upset - I apologise. Perhaps it's my lack of sophistication, foresight, insight, empathy, whatever. It is also difficult to please everyone - as you can see I’ve changed my template again ‘cause you folks voted that I should change from the green (9 to change, 7 to stay green, 2 to revert back to the old one) I’ll give this one a go for a while but already (before I deleted the post) there were people commenting that they liked it and some who said that they didn't. (Henry shrugs shoulders and sighs) I guess I ought to just go in my basket at this stage and have a good night's kip.


Blu said...

Oh Henry I hope that you had a good nights sleep. I do like the new blue, but that is my favorite colour. I thought that you had locked me out I had lots of trouble trying to get into this comment box!. I must have missed what upset some of the others! It isnt always easy to keep everyone happy. Best wishes Blu & her big woofer. x

Stubby said...

Henry old pal - I upset people all the time without even trying to, so don't worry about it. You are right in that you can't please everyone. Just chill out, get a good night sleep, and have at it tomorrow!

The A. G. Parront said...

I hated the green, Henry. It was hard for these old eyes to read.

Csquaredplus3 said...

Oh Henry... No harm, no foul. Your compassion towards the friends you offended is sweet and admirable. I didn't think the pup looked distressed either. It's okay... Really.

Braja said...

Oh my poor little Henry, you had a rough day didn't you? Oh dear...I wish I was there to give you a cuddle. And your Mum. She sounds like she needs a big cuddle too, and I think we could have a rollicking group hug. I love your blue, and I agree, it was a little hard to read the green, though I do understand how dogs like green...it must remind you of the fresh outdoors where you love to spend so much time...big kiss Henry, and for mum... xoxoxo

Lee said...

I thought it was cute; just a pup running with the pack.

The new colour complements yours, which is sweet.

Irish Gumbo said...

Crap, I missed all the excitement! Ah, I'll have to be faster on the clickthroughs.

Henry, you honor me with your presence in the van! I always wanted a dog, but I'll settle for you! (rimshot, bada bing)(grin) Easy, easy boy, just teasing.

Thank you for your eyes on the page!

Simplicity said...

I missed the post.

I like the new blog layout.

Don't worry about what others think. You can't please everyone. In this blogosphere, it's easy for things to be misinterpreted!

Hope you have a nice nap!

Henry the Dog said...

Blu - I would never lock anyone out of my blog - especially not you. I like the Blu too. Think I might stick with it.

Hi Stubby - I know, us dogs hate to offend don't we. We just want to make everyone happy. Trouble is, I don't know how to get hold of Lady Jicky & Rosie to say sorry

The AG Parront - then I'll try to stick with something that doesn't hurt your old eyes, old pal:)

CSquared - thanks, that makes me feel a tad batter

Braja - as you know it started with my digging a huge hole on your blog too - perhaps it's to do with the maudlin time of month that mum's going through - am posting about it today;)

Lee - I used to howl with mum and Uncle Hugh when I was a pup. But it upset Lady Jicky, so that's upset me. I'm just a pooch who wants everyone to be happy - a bit unrealistic I know, but hey I can try - at least on my blog.

Irish Gumbo - thanks for dropping by, I liked your blog. Honest, it's not always so sombre over here. We normally have a laugh so don't be put off.

Simplicity - so pleased you like the blue. I like to make folks HAPPY, but it's true - you can't please everyone.

LadyFi said...

As I said apropos that last post, Henry, my dog Oscar really does HOWL like that - in complete sympathy and in the right tune and octave with my son when he howls... That's how much he suffers.

lady jicky said...

I am so sorry I upset you with my post Henry and Mum!! I can get very "touchy" about certain things and that is one of them. I guess the fact that the papers are showing dogs that need a home for Christmas and the shelters are in for increased numbers after christmas that makes me so sad. You do see so many youtube posts of animals teased (in many cases )to perform for the camera - these are the sort of people who dump animals when they are no longer cute or get real sick and expensive.
Please, the last thing I would ever want to do is make you feel guilty - what have you done? Absolutey nothing!! Henry has the sort of family all dogs deserve! Please accept MY apology, the last thing I would ever want to do is upset you.
Much love,
Rosie and her Mum. Kisses from both

Wild Creations said...

Hi Henry

Thank you for the nice comments about my blog.
I like your new colour scheme, but i think you should just do as your please. I know that as a dog it is your nature to try to please, but in this case i think you should please your self.

Love your blog

Henry the Dog said...

Lady Fi - I think that would be quite lovely to see and hear, actually - Oscar howling in sympathy:)

Lady Jicky & Rosie - am so glad you came back, I thought I'd sent you away for good and you don't have a blog so I didn't know how to get hold of you. I can only say that mum and me are with you 100% with the cute puppy at Christmas and the youtube thing, except that we didn't think that little pup was being teased in any way. I mentioned to Lee that mum, Uncle Hugh & me used to howl in unison sometimes - we did that when I was a pup and we were sitting outside with the brazier burning in the evening (when we lived in the UK). Luckily we lived in the countryside and didn't have any close neighbours otherwise they'd have thought mum & Uncle Hugh were nutters (they wouldn't have been far wrong).

Wild Creations - I'm pleased you like the new colours, and you are very right about dogs trying to please. It's in our nature:)

French Fancy said...

I wasn't upset at all but I have to tell you something - I've got my doubts it was genuine. I've heard puppies howling and they've never sounded quite like that.

Just to stick my two centimes in - I think puppies are like the young of any animal (including humans) - they are made to look cute and to make us respond to their needs and subsequently nurture them. They want to be liked and fussed over and , indeed, mimic our behaviour.

There are many clips on You Tube involving animals that I think are horrible - but I thought that was just a hoax myself

Henry - there are always going to be people upset by certain things. We all know and love lady jicky and nobody wants you upset by this.