Sunday, December 21, 2008

This clip makes me think of my mum

This is funny and reminds me of my mum, you need the sound up – French Fancy time to unmute.

If mum knew I’d said that it reminds me of her she’d go mad. She’d say, “I do not look like a fookin’ panda you cheeky little beggar.” No, she doesn’t but she’s ever so jumpy. Mum jumps at the slightest noise or unexpected event. Mum jumps when the toast pops up out of the toaster. Mum jumps when she receives text messages. Mum sometimes jumps when Uncle Hugh walks into the same room as her “Why are you jumping?” he’ll say, “Who did you think it could possibly be other than me? You daft bugger!”

Uncle Hugh and I don’t jump at ANYTHING. I told you before - I even like fireworks, which apparently isn’t normal for dogs. We are so laid back, maybe mum is jumpy for both of us.

Mum says that the biggest jump she ever had was when she was a very little girl one Christmas morning. Mum used to get so excited around the festive period she used to vomit every Christmas Eve (Yummy!) and she and her bigger brother could hardly sleep and would end up sneaking down really early in the morning to see what presents Santa Paws had left

One Christmas they snook down very very early. Just as they were opening the door of the lounge her dad shouted from upstairs “What the bloody hell are you two doing at this time? It’s only just gone midnight. Get back to bed - NOW! Santa’s probably not even been yet…” as he said that mum said she sneaked a peak into the dark lounge and saw a huge figure sat on the sofa next to her Christmas sack – she screamed, jumped about four foot into the air and peed her pants – convinced she’d caught Santa in the process of doling out her presents. Mum said she's never moved so fast in her life. She said they were back up the stairs at warp speed. It turned out to be a huge teddy dressed in Santa gear.

By the way, mum doesn’t pee her pants now when she jumps – honest!


Braja said...

I'm happy to hear that Henry. NOthing worse than an incontinent owner... :)

Irish Gumbo said...

One of the advantages of becoming an adult, gaining (relative) control of ones excretory and regurgitory muscles.

Vomiting from anticipation, wetting oneself in excitement (fear?), O youth, such a fragile bloom and gone much too soon!

Good times, my dear Henry, good times..

~Marie~ said...

LOL, oh Henry you are quite funny. Sometimes I can be quite jumpy, but that's only when I'm focused on something. Peanut occasionally gets jumpy, and he really doesn't like fireworks! Poor little guy will shake like a leaf when he hears them.

Csquaredplus3 said...

I've seen the panda clip - it's still precious to watch.

Tell your mum, I'm jumpy too. My husband climbs into bed and I jump. He's offended and says, "You know I LIVE here too."

jenny smith said...

Oh its great, Henry, I love Pandas.

What a lovely memory your mum shared with you.

When you say Please don't tag me - what does that actually mean? New to this as you can see


Diane said...

Sundance jumped at a loud noise outside today and the expression on his face was so funny, I nearly peed my pants. I know, I'm mean, but you probably would have laughed, too!

Blu said...

I can jump a mile too, and MOH has also said who did you think it would be! the Santa Claus story

Lee said...

Possibly too much information there, Henry.

lady jicky said...

Oh boyfriend, I am so glad to hear you are "laidback" for I am skittish like your Mum. They call it anxiety - old Lee would know all about that but ... I am not going to sit on his couch and talk about my puppyhood - If I had to - I would pee on it!
So , don't tease your Mum for some of us are just that way . I must say, my Mum thinks I am getting better and I seem to run around trying to find them when I wake up in a "start" less and less . I can jump like that Mummy Panda. Aren't her ears cute?
So Henry , be cool with your Mum.
Hey - what have you got her for Christmas??? Don't say a packet of Valium or Tenna Ladies pads!!Grrr

CJ said...

Hi Henry,
My older sister Stormy, a gray tiger-striped, was brave, just like you. Nothing scared her. She would sit on the window sill to watch thunder storms and lightning, while the rest of us would run to the basement and hide until it passed. I don't think my Mom knew Stormy liked storms when she named her, but that worked out rather well, didn't it?

It is very cold here today. My Dad bought me two heated pads to sleep on. He put each one in front of a radiator and on a nice soft pad. I just woke up from an early evening nap and now will take a late evening nap before my nighttime nap, then I'll go to bed with Dad for my overnight nap, until Mom comes to bed, then I'll crawl on her and nap until my Dad gets up. I'm looking forward to breakfast, because then I can start my morning nap. All this catnapping is soooooo exhausting.

Lunette, the tuxedo cat

PS Sometime soon my Mom is going to post pictures and stories about all of us. Maybe some day we will be as famous as you, Henry.

Henry the Dog said...

Braja - she was four. I feel compelled to say that. I don't want folk to think she did it on a regular basis either. She was house trained quite early on, apparently. A bit like me:)

Irish - even when talking about vomit and wee you manage to remain poetic - how does he do it????

Marie - Peanut is normal, I'm the wierdo. Mum had a black labrador before me and he used to shake like a leaf too.

CSquared (Henry laughing and laughing) that is funny. That is SOOO mum too;)

JennySmith - I didn't know to start with either. From what I do know, a 'tag' is when someone gives you something (like an award) and you then have to pass it on to, say, five others. Or it can be a list of questions you have to answer then pass on etc. I don't mind answering questions, I'm just cautious about passing stuff on. I don't like to impose on folk.

Diane - you're not mean. I laugh at mum all the time.

Blu - I'm glad it's not just mum. I think everyone has a Santa story, would love to hear a few more.

Lee - I'm a dog, I'm excused;)

Rosie - I wouldn't tease you. I'd give you a massage to relax your tense little muscles - poor sweetheart. You are jumpy for different reasons from my mum. You'll get better. xxxxxx

Lunette - I wouldn't call me brave, I'm just not fazed by stuff. I'm wired up differently from mum. You sound as if you have an exhausting schedule to your day, about as exhausting as mine. Isn't it good to be pet? Hee hee hee:D

LadyFi said...

Oh - that is hysterical! Tell your mum it's quite OK to pee in your pants if you're really really scared... It's just human nature, that's all.

I jump and scream at the same time whenever I see wasps! So, summer is a very loud and skittish time for me. (But I don't lose control over my bladder while doing this...)

Is it cosmic fate that the Word Verification for this comment is: gasifart?

Braja said...

Hello Henry....I just thought I'd drop over here and tell you something. I know you're going to go looking for my posts so you can read up on them. But actually what you'll find is that they've all been deleted. I didn't want to write this on my own site, because I'm not really that ready to announce it yet, but my literary agent told me to take them off because she's getting my book published, "Lost & Found in India," and she says it's no good having them all up there for everyone to you won't find anything much there. I'm sorry about that Henry. I truly am...but I'll send you a book when it comes out, I promise :)

Henry the Dog said...

Oh Braja, I am SO pleased for you. Mum & me will really, really want to read it when it comes out. We did go back just now and it did look a tad empty but we loved the post on 12th November - that list about you - 100 things. 35 & 36 made mum laugh about control freaks, 'cause that's kind of her view and 53 about nail extensions. It happened to mum once too, but she hated them, couldn't type and bit them off. AND you are a Saluki. I knew you were;) Also, last but not least. Mum loves red hair. It runs in her family too but avoided her so she dyed it with Henna when she was younger (she said that was VERY messy). She's back blonde now. Her two bestest friends in the UK are redheads. We actually thought you must already be an author because you write so well so neither of us are very surprised that you're going to be published. XXXXXXXX

Henry the Dog said...

PS: Will you keep blogging? I do hope so. I'd be dead sad if you didn't:(

LadyFi said...

Let me butt in here in the middle of this love fest! I'm surprised your literary agent told you to remove your posts. Surely you book will contain MORE details than just these posts? Posts on a blog are a good way of getting the buzz or the word out - and can boost sales rather than dampen them.

Just sayin...

OK - I'm going back to my site now.

French Fancy said...

I'm staggered - how did I miss this classic post? My only excuse is drinking and eating too much at a restaurant Sunday lunchtime.

I did unmute and it was worth it. By the way I was hoping for a ghost story sort of ending to the post - not a teddy bear santa:)

Henry the Dog said...

Lady Fi - I know - I do tend to 'gush' don't I? It's the breed. We Schnauzers are known for our enthusiasm. I've got a sick bag somewhere.......

French Fancy - 'tis the season to be merry....mum's kinda knocking them back at the mo too. Sorry to disappoint - maybe a ghost next time;)

Braja said...

Thank you for your best wishes Henry, and thank your mummy too...and of course I'll keep blogging! Only if you do...

Simply Heather said...

Your blog is adorable!! I saw this video awhile back through email and it made me laugh uncontrollably. Isn't it so true to a mother's life?

Henry the Dog said...

Simply Heather, thanks for visiting my blog. Mum's not a mother except to me, but she's still loved and she's still special. Hope to see you around again:)