Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I've been given an award

I’ve been given an award by the very lovely Diane, whose blog is really good fun and makes me laugh.

I’m not very good at inserting things, and wasn’t quite sure how to insert the award into my post but I finally managed to get it placed on my blog (lower right, under my blog list). Mum tried to help me but I did it myself in the end because she’s crap at technical stuff (see photos - say no more), and she’s blonde.

Anyway, it’s quite a macho award (note the tape measure, which I think is supposed to project connotations of rugged ‘builder’ types with calloused hands and lumpy biceps) and I thought it was only for men, but it can’t be ‘cause Diane got one. But I reckon Diane’s one of the lads, so that explains it.

I don’t have to pass the award on – phew! She knows I’m a bit funny about passing things on. But I do have to list six ways in which I measure success in life and/or as a blogger. So here they are

1. When Uncle Hugh succumbs to my “Aren’t I a seriously cute dog?” look and throws me one of his Haribo Jellies.


2. When mum doesn’t notice him doing it!

3. Finding a new blog that makes mum laugh, or cry or both. Similarly, if I occasionally brighten someone’s day with my blog, or make someone smile – that’s success.

4. Sneaking up behind little kids then barking sharply. It really makes them jump (I know that’s cruel but I can’t help myself sometimes – it’s the beast in me)

5. Scaring Rottweillers and making them run away – because it makes folk think I must be dead hard – that’s success. (What folk don’t realise is that Rottweillers are sissies and are the biggest scaredy cats in the whole world, it’s unfortunate that some end up with bad owners).

6. When mum looks into my eyes and says, “Henry hound, I love you” for no particular reason. Not because I’ve been good or anything, just because I’m me. That’s success.

I’m also supposed to say something nice about a man in my life – now that’s not difficult. It’s Uncle Hugh, of course, who always finds time to play with me (even when he’s busy), who gives me fingers of fun and who accidentally-on-purpose drops his food on the floor when he’s eating so that I can hoover it up.

Thank you Diane, I love your blog and will keep visiting.


Diane said...

You're welcome, Henry love... you deserve it. And I like your success list very much!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your award, Henry! And your success list is wonderful! I wonder if Tenshi sees it as a success when I look at him and say "I love you" for no particular reason. Perhaps his putting his head on my lap would be an indication that he does. Either that or he wants me to rub his forehead. :o)

Love your blog!

French Fancy said...

Henry, you measure up in every sense of the word. You did do well inserting your shiny new award. If you got yourself a layout template instead of a classic one, things like that would become a doddle.

lady jicky said...

Oh Congrats Boyfriend!
So where are you taking me tonight for a celebration nosh up??

meili_lo said...

so cute! :o) congratulations... like your success list.

Lee said...

Congratulations. Nice list. We all need someone to look us in the eyes and say "I love you".

Henry the Dog said...

Thanks everyone, now I know how folk feel when they've won an oscar (cue blushes and coy look):)

FF - I think I've got a lot to learn when it comes to templates. It's all gobbledygook to me. Perhaps I should experiment. I didn't know I could have a 'layout' template (whatever that is) but I often wondered why some blogs looked so much more interesting than mine. Watch this space:)

Braja said...

Hmm...I can just about sniff Henry's paw print all over this blog and can't wait for the new look

French Fancy said...

Oh, Henry, You do look good in green. Now you'll be able to have a lot more fun on here. :)

French Fancy said...

p.s. - did you have that scary moment like I did - when you press the button to change the layout and wonder if you are going to lose everything?

Henry the Dog said...

Braja & FF

OH MY GOD REX! Doggy nightmare. Trying to change my look got my paws all hot and sweaty. At one point I lost my blog list. Then I tried to download a Christmassy one and I lost almost everything and it ended up looking like a mutation of Santa Paw's grotto. Then I tried to add a 'Christmassy' gadget, which turned out to be a sneaky ad. I'm in a state of doggy Post Traumatic Stress and need some of Uncle Hugh's 'Fingers of Fun'. Not sure if I like this look. I think I might have to put it to the vote!!

CSquaredplus3 said...

I'm the mother of a miniature schnauzer! Her name is Mary and she weighs 15 pounds. She's a little older than you though... Interested?

My name's Chris. Nice to meet you. Saw your comment at Heinous' place...

Stubby said...

Henry - Congrats on the award! Your blog is looking great and I really like the green (and voted to keep it).

Henry the Dog said...

Csquared - Hello, nice of you to drop by. Mary sounds lovely, and I've nothing against the older woman;) I'm going to pop over to yours in a minute - hope there are some photos.

Hi Stubby, thanks. I'm still not sure about the green, but perhaps it'll grow on me:)