Wednesday, December 31, 2008

BACK NEXT YEAR! (I guess I won't win any awards for the most original title of a post)

Well I hope you all have a great New Year's Eve.

To be honest, I don't get it - this celebration of the passing of time. When you're a dog, with limited doggy years on this earth, believe me you don't get very excited about time passing. You curl up in your basket and pretend it isn't happening - until the fireworks start then you're kind of reminded that another of your very few doggy years has gone by. It's the same with birthdays. A birthday is simply another 'nail in the coffin' isn't it? Oh dear, am I getting morbid? No, I'm not. It's not in my doggy nature to be morbid. I'm just being a tad cynical.

Saying that, we do gain a second this year don't we? But a second isn't going to change the quality of my life is it? I'm just wondering what I can do in one second. I guess I could get an extra sneeze in. Or a cough. I can type a short word in a second, like 'me' or 'to' or 'you' or....No, nothing that will truly enrich my post.

Or perhaps I've got it wrong. Perhaps this New Year celebration is all to do with celebrating exactly that - something new. That's not so bad is it?

Whatever your reasons for celebrating today, I hope you have a lovely time and I'll be back next year. Mum's taking me for a long walk and we're going to feed some ducks - yes, she's still trying to get rid of her bread:)

See you next year, at least I've got my blogging to look forward to and keeping in touch with all my new blogging pals. 2008 was a good year - I discovered all you folk out there and it was definitely worth it - there are some real treasures in the blogging world, and yes, you're one of them:)


Braja said...

Oh Henry, I admit that for a moment when I saw your title, I had visions of you disappearing for a year and my heart skipped a beat...of course you're only being funny, which is something you do well...

I hope you have a lovely night but I suspect for you, just as it is for me, it's a night like any other. My maid, Anjana, told me today, "For you, it is a new year: for us, it's not." So it's funny when you live in a place where only a few people "celebrate" it, though I don't really know anyone here who does...

Anyway, just so you know, I'll see you TOMORROW :))

LadyFi said...

Oh - me, a treasure? How sweet! So are you!!

Glad to hear you won't be suffering like all those other poor doggies when the fireworks go off! I tell you - they make me jump every time - even though I am asleep well before they begin!

See you next year... can't wait!

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Thanks Henry. Have a lovely New Year. Don't let the fireworks rattle you.

LadyFi said...

Thanks for your advice and kind words about my sick Oscar... He will indeed be fasting and then eating only rice...

Lee said...

Happy New Year Henry - and to your Mum & Hugh.

French Fancy said...

Henry, mum and Uncle Hugh (by proxy) - your blog posts have given me much merriment and joy these last few months. Let's hope that the next 12 months see us exchanging bon mots galore.

Here's to you Henry


misty and poppy bichon said...

You're our favourite bloggy doggy, Henry

Hope the fireworks don't bother you too much. They only go on for about five minutes here and usually we sleep through them.

Blu said...

It has been wonderful to meet you in Blogland Henry. Have a nice snooze tonight. Blu's big woofer isnt worried by those foe arty feece either...Take care Blu xx

Dumdad said...

Hope your nose remains wet and shiny for 2009.

Bonne Année!

meryl's musings said...

Happy New Year from KC in the cold, snowy lands of Michigan. I've heard my landlord already talking about slippery roads tonight -- arf, arf (be safe) -- to all my blogging friends.

Irish Gumbo said...

Henry: I had the same reaction as Braja when I saw the title, good to see you won't be disappearing!

Lovely post, and for me the changing of the New Year has become less about screaming and hollering and drinking too much, and more about a reflection on the past year along with a drawing in of breath, a hope for better things in the coming year. Much better for me that way.

Happy New Year, Henry! May many bones come your way!


Henry the Dog said...

Thanks everyone - I hope 2009 is full of wonderful things.

Braja - how could I stop blogging? I'd miss you too much. Anyway, I'm addicted now. And yes, you're spot on. Tonight will simply be just like all the rest, except perhaps mum & Uncle Hugh might be a teensy bit more bladdered than normal - only because they won't want to be woken up by the fireworks going off all over the countryside.

Lady Fi - no, fireworks don't bother me one jot - they make mum jump though. I do hope your boy is fine.

J Cosmo & Lee - it's already 2009 down under n'est-ce pas?

French Fancy - ditto! Poppy & Misty, the fireworks don't bother me:) See you in 2009

Blu - ditto again:) Keep taking the photos - it inspires mum x

Dumdad - I hope so too. Ditto with the Annee (how do you get those accents on your comments???)

KC - hope it's not too slippery. Happy New Year.

Irish - hope is a lovely thing to have. Whilst ever you have hope, you're rich:) It was great finding you. Hope to see lots more of you in 2009.


detroit dog said...

Quasar sends his best wishes to you for the New Year, Henry. He looks forward to your blogging and adventures, and he rather thinks of you as a doggie activist!

Quasar is on antibiotics right now as he is fighting off a cold that has him rather wheezy and his lymph nodes swollen. Being from the south, he's not used to this cold Michigan weather (16 degrees on a bright sunny day today). We will keep warm tonight and listen to the radio to ring in the New Year.

Best wishes to you and yours!

Anonymous said...


I hope you have a lovely New Year's Eve. And, I would have to agree that rather than focus on the passage of time, celebrate that it is the start of another time period in which we get to spend with loved ones and friends.

Happy New Year to you from Tenshi and me!

Diane said...

Happy New Year, Henry! I know you like fireworks, so know that it's so windy here today, you'll likely get to see ours firsthand!! :) XO

Frankie Furter said...

Happy New Year to you Henry.
I am new to blogging and would like for you to visit my blog. I am a 2 year old dachshund.
Your friends are welcome, too.

Killer Reviewer said...

Dogs "suspect the tyranny of time even if they don't fully understand the cruelty of it."

-Dean Koontz
The Darkest Evening of the Year

lady jicky said...

Oooooh boyfriend , I have a big headache. What a party we had! Oscar set the BBQ alight and I ate too much Pav.
I think I will just go back to bed.
happy new year,
Rosie - Hic! Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Henry - I wish you and mum and all the rest a very happy new year! 2008 closes on a high note because I've discovered new blogpals like you and Braja....

squirrelmama said...

Hi, sweet Henry. I think you and I agree wholeheartedly on this New Year's concept. I keep waiting for midnight when the Earth moves or something stupendous happens but it doesn't. Worse yet, just because it is midnight I am now compelled to run around the house pulling down calendars that say "2008" and replacing them. What a bother. I think New Year's is a conspiracy cooked up by the publishers of calendars just so they can stay in business. Frankly, all years should be at least 1,000 days long so we can all stay young and at least feel like we are living longer.
Happy 2009 to you anyway, my friend.

Chase said...

Happy New Year x7, Henry! Welcome Back

~Marie~ said...

Happy New Year Henry, from myself and Peanut.