Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Clueless Parents, the New Generation & Natural Selection

Mum says that some people should have to go on ‘parenting classes’ before they bring children into the world. When my mum got me, apparently she went to classes where they told her how to look after little puppies and discipline dogs. Now I’m the perfect specimen – I am the best-behaved dog in the world – most of the time. When she’s not looking I sometimes do naughty things, but I’m digressing.

Mum says that these days the types of people who are having the most children are “...the jobless, brainless, lowlife” – I guess she means unemployed, unintelligent small people. She says a lot of them are still children themselves. She says the offspring of these types will themselves turn into “jobless, brainless, lowlife” because they don’t know any better. Meanwhile, she says that the rest of the populous – hardworking, intelligent folk tend not to have children, or at least only one or two at a time, because they can’t afford to. She said the world will be overrun with “jobless, brainless, lowlife” and what will happen then? “Well, they certainly won’t find a cure for cancer will they?” she ranted to Uncle Hugh. “How are we expected to find our future politicians, entrepreneurs, nurses, doctors, solicitors etcetera out of the load of garbage pondlife that is presently growing up with parents like this?…” and she showed him this article Clueless Mother.

Uncle Hugh said that politicians and solicitors have always been pondlife anyway so what’s new?

Mum’s got a point. If the intelligent folk don’t have children and the folk like the woman in that article do have children, then the world will eventually be run by people like the daughter of that clueless mother. Or perhaps it won’t run. Maybe it will simply grind to a halt because it’ll be full of people who don’t have any brain cells, people who just want to watch daytime TV, drink lots of beer, smoke lots of cigarettes and eat junk food. Or, maybe it will be run by a few elite – the few offspring of the few intelligent folk. But then who will pay for all the hordes of ‘lowlife’ as my mum calls them? Perhaps they’ll just be allowed to die off – I think it’s called Natural Selection – yes, perhaps that’s what will happen.

I’m not going to worry about it. Perhaps I’ll be in doggy heaven by then.

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