Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Stupid dogs make mum go Aaaahhh!

Mum was reading an ‘Aaaahhh’ story to Uncle Hugh this morning. There are lots of stories that make mum go ‘Aaaahhh’. They’re usually stories about animals – particularly young animals – particularly puppies or kittens, but she also gets very stupid about Pandas. Well this one made her go ‘Aaaahhh’ Stupid Dog! . Now don’t get me wrong, I kind of felt sorry for the little chap, cause he’s a terrier, like me, so that’s a plus for starters. BUT, I’m sorry, if you don’t like water in the first place, don’t jump in it! Then to start swimming AWAY from his owner, which he must have done - then words fail me. The little chap’s definitely lacking in grey matter. Or perhaps he’s senile.

And this one Even more stupid dog! about a dog that stood guard over some cute kittens whilst a fire raged around him simply shows his stupidity. Yeah, it’s a cute story ‘cause he was revived and the little cute kittens survived too, but why didn’t the stupid mutt MOVE the kittens out of the burning house instead of simply sit and watch them? Now he’s being heralded a hero for passing out! No doubt he’ll have his own aftershave, exercise DVD and bestselling autobiography before you know it. All the best bitches will be swooning over him just because he was overcome by smoke. I don’t get it!

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