Monday, October 20, 2008

With friends like these........

I reckon it can’t be much fun being a really big celebrity. And I mean a proper celebrity, not one of those types of celebrities that mum was talking about earlier in the week. I mean someone who is famous because they HAVE got lots and lots and lots of talent. Like that woman called Madonna. I like Madonna. Mum plays her music when we go somewhere in the car and it makes me all sleepy and sometimes mum plays Madonna in the house and she dances a lot and it makes me cringe because mum is no spring pup, believe me.

Anyway, I’m digressing. I feel sorry for this Madonna woman because she’s splitting up from her hubby so she must be very sad. I know my mum would be sad if she didn’t live with Uncle Hugh anymore. But the very sad thing is that there are ‘friends’ of Madonna who have suddenly started talking about her to the newspapers and telling them lots of things about her private life and mum reckons that most of it is “a load of wanky bollocks that should be taken with a pinch of salt”. I don’t know what “wanky bollocks” are but they’are obviously edible. Anway, I do think that if they were REALLY friends of Madonna, they wouldn’t be saying anything at all. I thought friends were people who liked you, supported you in bad times and who were loyal to you. Dogs are very loyal, that’s why they call a dog Man’s Best Friend. True friends wouldn’t gossip to the newspaper would they? And it’s fairly obvious even to me, and I’m just a dog, that what these friends have said is what I call a Pack of Lies - Take this with a pinch of salt

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