Thursday, October 2, 2008

Human's are strange.

I really like the UK TV comedy show Little Britain, but I read today that lots of people in the United States don’t like it. I don’t understand the people in the United States. You’d think that people who choose a comedian for their president would have a good sense of humour wouldn’t you? I guess different things appeal to different people. I mean, I really like nasty smells, but mum doesn’t. I like to eat food that is rotting, but mum and Uncle Hugh don’t. They say things like “Oh God!... (What’s Jeremy Clarkson got to do with it?)...That smells off, we can’t eat that” and I think “I CAN!” but they just throw it away.

Just thinking about different things appealing to people - some people like a thing on television called Big Brother – where very odd folk are filmed all day doing really normal things like eating and drinking and showering and arguing and lots of people in the UK actually sit and watch them do these really normal things and think it’s great! Then at the end of it, the odd folk who have been filmed are called ‘celebrities’ and they end up with their own perfume, keep-fit DVD and best selling autobiography. I think humans are weird.

Some people like a thing on television called XFactor too – it goes like this: there are four people sitting at a table in a big room, and other people come into the room, stand in front of the four people and start making a noise – some noises are really awful and some noises aren’t bad – then the four people sat at the table make nasty comments or nice comments and decide if the people making the noises can come back and do it again next week. And guess what – those four people making the comments are paid LOADS and LOADS of money – probably more than £10 each.

There’s no accounting for taste is there?

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