Monday, October 27, 2008

Uncle Hugh's puppy has come to stay

One of Uncle Hugh’s puppies came over to stay yesterday with her husband and their own little puppy called Annabelle. GOD, I AM SHATTERED! Why humans decide to keep their puppies for more than eight weeks beats me! Why don’t they just sell them or if they can’t do that why don’t they give them away? I mean, after eight weeks it all goes downhill doesn’t it? Human puppies simply become more and more hard work the older they get. I overheard Uncle Hugh saying to mum once that his own puppies are STILL hard work and they’re in their thirties, which is ANCIENT. It’s nearly as old as mum. Mum’s sensible. Mum doesn’t have any puppies. Mum only has me and I can look after myself (almost), I’m never naughty, and even when I was a very tiny puppy I never pooed or peed inside the house – except that time when I had colitis and had a VERY bad accident inside mum’s car – but we don’t talk about that much!

Anyway, I’m digressing. This little human puppy, Annabelle, she wants to play with me ALL THE TIME. Now don’t get me wrong, I like playing – with adults. Because adults tire easily, know when to stop and their games normally involve socks or food but Annabelle WILL NOT LEAVE ME ALONE. And her games are daft. A lot of the time, she wants me to pretend to be her own puppy! Perrrllleeeassse! I am nearly four! I am an adult! She tried to put a dolly dress on me yesterday. NO WAY! I am SO not gay! In the end, I went and hid in the spare room, and then mum came and joined me and said, “She’s so doing my head in”. I don’t really know what that means but I guess she isn’t mad keen on human puppies either; otherwise she’d have had one of her own wouldn’t she?

There is one saving grace - she drops food everywhere, which irritates mum but I'm enjoying clearing up after her!

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