Thursday, October 9, 2008

Insane Britain

I found out today that if you are a poor person who lives in a poor country and if you have lots and lots of children you can go to the UK and the kind people in the government there will pay you lots of money for doing nothing and put you and your children in a GREAT BIG HOUSE - all for free- Insane Britain

I guess it's very charitable of the people in the government in the UK to do that but it doesn't seem very fair to me. I know I'm only a dog so I don't really know about these things but my mum never got anything for free in the UK, and she was born there. In fact she PAID money to the government when she lived there. I think the thing she paid was called "fooking taxes" and Uncle Hugh paid "fooking taxes" too. Mum also paid a thing called a "bloody mortgage" so that she could live in her house there. She didn't get her house for free, so how come if you're from another country and if you've never paid "fooking taxes" how come you can get all this free stuff? According to mum some folk who're getting all this free stuff are even plotting to do nasty things to the people of the UK, like blow them up with bombs and things, like they did on 7/7. It seems very strange to me that the UK government are happy to pay people to do that.

I reckon if the UK was run by dogs it would be more fair. If I were in charge I'd let mum live in a great big house for free and I'd give mum lots of money and make the other people, like that Afghan woman, work and pay "fooking taxes" and a "bloody mortgage" instead.

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