Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Uncle Hugh's away, and it's not much fun!

Uncle Hugh’s gone to the UK for a few days in a flying bus, so it’s just me and mum. It’s not the same when Uncle Hugh’s away because I don’t get any Haribo Jellies and mum never drops her food on the floor when she’s eating, so I don’t get any titbits. Also, when mum’s having a rant, she ends up ranting at me when Uncle Hugh isn’t here. In fact, when he’s not here she tends to talk to me ALL THE TIME. It can be quite tiring so I often go in my basket and pretend that I’m asleep.

ALSO, mum doesn’t wrestle with me or play games like ‘fetch the sock’, in fact she growls when I steal her socks and says I’ve been a ‘bad boy’. And she rolls her eyes and says ‘not now’ when I give her one of my ‘play with me’ looks.

ALSO, mum tends to groom me when Uncle Hugh’s away and she puts this stuff on me to kill fleas. I don’t like it, it smells. I don’t mind fleas, she should leave them alone. They don’t do any harm and it’s good fun to have a good scratch now and then.

I think Uncle Hugh’s gone back to ‘have a look at his finances ‘. Or something like that. Does that mean that he’s going to put all his plastic in a big pile in front of him and stare at it? What good will that do? It’s all to do with this Credit Munch boring thing. Mum thinks they might not have enough plastic to keep living in France and she’s really worried about going back to live in the UK. In fact, sometimes she cries. I’m not bothered where we live, as long as it isn’t in that Rotherham place that I told you about. I’m quite happy about living in the UK because, as I told you, mum says it’s gone to the dogs – GREAT!

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