Friday, October 10, 2008

I'm Sick of the Credit Munch

Now it’s my turn to have a rant. Normally it’s mum ranting but now it’s me. I AM SICK AND TIRED OF THE CREDIT MUNCH!!!! There! I’ve said it. Mum has become a SMB – a Stock Market Bore. We used to have interesting stuff on TV (my favourite programme is Dog Borstal) but now all we have is CNBC Europe and mum and Uncle Hugh are glued to the screen watching these numbers go along the bottom of it and sometimes they are in red, which makes them sigh a lot, and sometimes they are in green, which still makes them sigh a lot.

Mum keeps talking about the property market and how houses aren’t worth as much anymore. SO WHAT! DOES IT STOP PEOPLE FROM LIVING IN THEM? NO!!! If your house is worth £10 one week, then £5 the next week how does it change the way you’re living in it? Does it being worth more make it more comfortable? I really need to know because I’ve not noticed any difference with our house over here in France. It seems EXACTLY the same to me. My baskets are in the same place and so is everything else. It smells the same and it’s not got any smaller.

Also, mum keeps saying to Uncle Hugh that there’s going to be something called a procession and that money will be short. I don’t get it. The solution is simple. PRINT MORE MONEY!!!!! Simple isn’t it? And I’m just a dog! I wish I could talk sometimes then I’d be able to give them advice - then there wouldn't be all these problems.

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