Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sinister goings on in the US?

I heard mum talking to Uncle Hugh last night and she said, “something sinister is happening in the US”. I don’t know what sinister means, but I know the US – it’s that big place where they don’t like the TV series Little Britain, they have a president who’s also a really famous comedian, they have a woman who’s trying to be president who thinks she’s a Pit Bull and who also thinks that the world was made in only six days, and they have a nice blackish man called Obama who wants to make everything alright for everyone but mum reckons “it’s going to be almost impossible for him to get in, unfortunately”. I heard her say that many Americans wouldn’t vote for Mr Obama because he isn’t the right breed – perhaps they prefer that Pit Bull Sarah Palin or that really, really, really old guy whose name I keep forgetting – the one that Sarah Palin is supporting because he’s so old he can’t walk very well. I guess some people prefer different types of breeds to others. Some folk don’t like Mini Schnauzers so I guess if I put myself up to be president, those folk wouldn’t vote for me.

Anyway, I’m digressing. Mum seems to be shocked that in the US there is this religious place where people can go to be cured of liking people who are the same sex . I think she called it a “Gay Boot Camp”. I think Gay means that you’re really happy all the time and you’re a man who likes men - so why would you want to be cured of that? Mum likes men, but she’s not gay. She would only be gay if she were a man, AND she lived with Uncle Hugh. Mum says that in the US there seems to be a huge “upsurge of the happy-clappy mentality, which is rather scary because it seems to be squeezing logic and reason out of the minds of the people it's infecting. Extremism never works and mis-guided folk are the most dangerous on this planet”. I don’t understand a word of what she said but she seemed a bit concerned. She said that many ‘happy-clappy’ religious people don’t like gays and think they’re evil.

Mum says that a gay person is born gay, it isn’t a matter of choice and so how can someone be condemned for being born a certain way? She’s got a point. I didn’t CHOOSE to be born a Mini Schnauzer, did I? Does it make me a bad dog? NO! Mum is very wary of religion and religious folk. Mum doesn’t like people telling her what she should and should not believe in. Mum likes gay folk, she likes Mr Obama, she doesn’t like that war in Iraq, she likes Jeremy Clarkson, she doesn’t want there to be World War III so she really doesn’t want that really really really old man and that Pit Bull Sarah Palin or any other really religious folk to be in charge of the world, and neither do I.

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