Friday, October 17, 2008

What Brits do in their spare time.

A new electrical store opened yesterday in the UK, somewhere near a place called Birmingham, which I think is a bigger version of that Rotherham place I was telling you about i.e. it’s full of REALLY fat people, binge drinkers, teenage mums and it’s where the police put you if you’ve been very bad.

Anyway, I’m digressing. This store selling useless stuff like TV’s and computers opened with a sale and the people of the West Midlands got SO excited that they formed a humongous queue outside the store. Some people started queuing at night and the store didn’t open until the morning! The queue was so big and there was so much traffic that the police had to close a part of the M6, which is a big motorway in the UK that was built so that people can escape from Birmingham, or avoid it altogether. Mum said there were 3000 people in the queue and that some people were injured. What Brits do in their spare time. Mum said it could only happen in the UK.

I can’t count very well. I can count up to ten and that’s it. Ten people is a lot. I get frightened when there are more people than I can count because odds are on that I will get trod on. So I think that 3000 would be a lot of people too.

I can’t understand humans. In my spare time I like to do something nice - I play with my toys, play with Uncle Hugh, chew my chews, update my blog and go for walks with mum. It seems to me that what humans do in their spare time is simply stare at a TV, and when they’re not doing that they’re shopping or, it seems, queuing outside a shop hoping to get in at some point. And humans are supposed to be cleverer than us dogs! I don’t think so!

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